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Special Move Tutor Pokemon Sword and Shield List

by Ginny Woo

Pokemon Sword and Shield added a lot of quality of life changes to the “traditional’ way of doing things, including incorporating Move Tutors into basically every Pokemon Center-Mart hybrid in Galar. Now, remembering a move is as easy as stopping off at your local for a quick HP top-up and a history lesson. However, there’s still the matter of our special Move Tutor Pokemon Sword and Shield list which you’ll find handy when you’re wanting to learn specific things like pledge and ultimate starter moves to juice up your squad before the DLC drops later this year

Special Move Tutor Pokemon Sword and Shield List

The basic Move Tutor is a rather run-of-the-mill service, but there are very specific special moves that your Pokemon can only learn if they track down the relevant special Move Tutor. These are dotted around the Galar region, and we’ve got their locations pinned down for you. We’ve organized our list by the type of moves that you can learn, and made sure that it’s alphabetical for easy reading. 

  • Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon – just a bit of a disclaimer: only max-evolution starter Pokemon will be able to learn moves from this Move Tutor, so don’t bring any imposters around to central Wyndon where there are some nice little park benches laid out.
  • Draco Meteor – you can find the Draco Meteor Move Tutor kicking around Circhester contemplating the hot springs while everyone else jumps in. Dragon type Pokemon with max friendship will be eligible to learn this killer move. 
  • Fire Pledge, Grass Pledge, Water Pledge – this is another special Move Tutor that will only teach moves to starter Pokemon if they have max friendship with you. These pledge moves are good in tandem i.e. they’re buffed when Pokemon use versions of them in double battles, so head over to Hammerlocke and the canal to find a man in a pink beret who will do the deed. 

Now that you’ve got our special Move Tutor Pokemon Sword and Shield list, tracking down someone to teach one of your precious cage-fighting children Draco Meteor will be super easy. Need help with something else while you’re traipsing around Galar? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for you:

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