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Type: Null Evolution Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide

by Ginny Woo

So you’re still pounding the pavement when it comes to your quest to fill out your Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Hey, you’re valid. While we’re waiting for the absolute flood of DLC that’s going to hit in June 2020 with Isle of Armor and more, we’ve gotta do something.

Here’s our guide to Type Null evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including where to actually get your hands on one.

Type: Null Evolution Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide

What’s a Type: Null and how do you get one?

Well, the answer to the latter question is actually pretty simple. A Type: Null is an artificial Pokemon i.e. not naturally occurring in the ecosystem of the, uh, combined Pokeverse that spans the games in the much-loved franchise. Type: Null was introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon as something to take down Ultra Beasts. Naturally, this means that you won’t find them breeding like rabbits in the Galarian wilderness. 

However, you can get your hands on a Type: Null once you’ve become the Champion and cracked into the end-game content. Head for the Battle Tower and when you enter, you’ll see a Type: Null just kicking about. Speak to the trainer next to it and they’ll give you the Pokemon – it’s as easy as that.

Now, for how to undergo Type: Null evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Type: Null evolves into Silvally, but you have to meet one condition:

  1. Level up the Pokemon when its friendship is 220 or above

This is pretty easy to do if you’re committed: we would recommend lavishing it with lots of tasty treats, giving it a Soothe Bell, and generally looking after it like it’s a family member. We’re talking about not letting it white out, and always treating it like a queen. If you stick to the above, you should be able to make great strides in the friendship department with the rare Pokemon, allowing you to experience Type: Null Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield once the relevant criteria are met.

Now that you have your guide to Type Null Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield to hand, and you know how to acquire one of these critters, it’s just a matter of getting and staying friendly with it until it can become a Silvally. Need help with anything else in Galar? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together:


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