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Pokemon Sword and Shield Karrablast Evolution Guide

by Ginny Woo

We’ve been working on building up our Pokemon Sword and Shield squad in the lead-up to the Isle of Armor DLC that we’re anticipating in June 2020, which means making sure that we’ve got a crack team ready to take on all comers. Check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield Karrablast evolution guide if you’re wanting to net yourself a hefty Escavalier.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Karrablast Evolution Guide

As we’ve just mentioned, the adorable Karrablast evolves into Escavalier. This armored Pokemon packs a real punch (well, a stab, if we’re being incredibly technical) and we can help you get it but first things first: how to actually get your hands on a Karrablast.

Karrablast looks like an angry bug turtle, or is that just us? Either way, this Pokemon is one annoyed little thing, and we kinda love it. You can find a Karrablast at the following locations in Pokemon Sword and Shield when the weather is raining, overcast, or a thunderstorm:

  • Motostoke Riverbank
  • Bridge Field
  • Hammerlocke Hills
  • Giant’s Cap
  • Route 7

Once you’ve found one to call your own, you’re one step closer to achieving Pokemon Sword and Shield Karrablast evolution greatness. Now, for the semantics. So, you may have noticed that your Pokedex entry for this Pokemon notes that “the presence of a Shelmet will cause this Pokemon to evolve”. So, this is your first clue. 

To evolve your Karrablast, you’re going to have to trade it for a Shelmet. Essentially, these two Pokemon can only get to the next glorious stages of their life cycles when they’re traded for each other. You’ll need to team up with a mate for this one in order for this to happen, and make sure that neither Pokemon has got an Everstone. Shelmet will evolve into Accelgor, and your Karrablast will evolve into an Escavalier as long as you follow that step. 

Now that you know how Pokemon Sword and Shield Karrablast evolution works, you can easily try it out for yourself. Need help with something else in the Galar region? Check out these other guides that we’ve put together for aspiring trainers out there:

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