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Pokemon Sword and Shield Hyper Training – What Is It?

by Ginny Woo

If you haven’t quite made Champion status in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then there’s no need to rush it. You’ve got plenty of time to get through everything of import before the Isle of Armor DLC drops in June 2020. However, for the rest of us who are currently cruising through the end game, optimizing our current teams and kicking through raids is probably how we should be spending our days. Enter: Pokemon Sword and Shield Hyper Training, which will take a critter from cute to competitive-ready sooner than you can blink. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Hyper Training – What Is It?

As we’ve mentioned, Hyper Training is something that you’re only going to be able do once you’ve cracked into the end game stuff that Pokemon Sword and Shield has to offer. It’s something which you unlock after gunning through Battle Tower ranks, so if all of the above sounded like gibberish to you, then just ignore this guide for now. 

One thing that you can do at the Battle Tower is to trade Bottle Caps in to maximize the stats of your team. You can trade in the following two types of Bottle Caps:

  • Regular Bottle Caps
  • Gold Bottle Caps

Normal bottle caps will let you max out a single stat, while a Gold one will boost all of your stats. You get these from just gunning through the Battle Tower, or by exchanging Battle Points for them (which you also earn from gunning through said Tower). One thing that you’re going to be able to do is to trade your bottle caps with the NPC wearing Battle Tower gear in the lobby, and this will enable you to get a Pokemon’s IVs treated as maxed out. Granted, your chosen Pokemon is going to have to be Level 100 to benefit from this, but it’s handy for those who have made Battle Tower their life while waiting for DLC.

When you turn in the Bottle Caps, you’ll be able to pick which stat gets treated as having a maximum IV value, so you can tailor this to your preference without the actual base IV of your Pokemon changing outside of this Battle Tower run. The stat that’s being improved will be noted as being Hyper Trained instead of its true base value improving.

Now that you have a basic breakdown as to what Pokemon Sword and Shield Hyper Training is, why not go try it for yourself if you’ve got the chops? If you need a hand with something else about exploring the Galar region, check out these other guides that we’ve put together:

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