Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Type Effectiveness Chart – Strengths and Weaknesses

The new Terastal mechanic makes memorizing the type effectiveness chart essential

Periodically, a new generation of Pokemon brings in a new type. And with a new type comes an avalanche of weakness and resistances that any trainer worth their salt will have to take into consideration. While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have come with a slew of new pokemon and interesting type combinations, there are no new elemental types.

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But Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s inclusion of the Terastal mechanic, a temporary transformation that allows certain pokemon once per battle to change their typing. So, your electric-type Pikachu might Terastallize and turn into a fire-type! This new mechanic adds an entire extra dimension to battling, so it’s more important than ever to know the types.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Type Effectiveness Chart

This Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Type Effectiveness Chart will be your best resource to ensure you succeed in all the battles to come.

TypeSuper Effective AgainstNot Very Effective AgainstNo effectWeak ToResistant ToImmune To
BugDark, Grass, PsychicFairy, Fire, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Poison, SteelFire, Flying, RockFighting, Grass, Ground
DarkGhost, PsychicDark, Fairy, FightingBug, Fairy, FightingDark, GhostPsychic
DragonDragonSteelFairyDragon, Fairy, Ice Fire, Water, Electric, Grass
ElectricWater, FlyingElectric, Grass, DragonGroundGroundElectric, Flying, Steel
FairyFighting, Dragon, DarkFire, Poison, SteelPoison, SteelFighting, Bug, DarkDragon
FightingNormal, Ice, Rock, Dark, SteelPoison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, FairyGhostFlying, Psychic, FairyBug, Rock, Dark
FireGrass, Ice, Bug, SteelFire, Water, Rock, DragonWater, Ground, RockFire, Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel, Fairy
FlyingGrass, Fighting, BugElectric, Rock, SteelElectric, Ice, RockGrass, Fighting, BugGround
GhostPsychic, GhostDarkNormalGhost, DarkPoison, BugNormal, Fighting
GrassWater, Ground, RockFire, Grass, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon, SteelFire, Ice, Poison, Flying, BugWater, Electric, Grass, Ground
GroundFire, Electric, Poison, Rock, SteelGrass, BugFlyingWater, Grass, IcePoison, RockElectric
IceGrass, Ground, Flying, DragonFire, Water, Ice, SteelFire, Fighting, Rock, SteelIce
NormalRock, SteelGhostFightingGhost
PoisonGrass, FairyPoison, Ground, Rock, GhostSteelGround, PsychicGrass, Fighting, Poison, Bug, Fairy
PsychicFighting, PoisonPsychic, SteelDarkBug, Ghost, DarkFighting, Psychic
RockFire, Ice, Flying, BugFighting, Ground, SteelWater, Grass, Fighting, Ground, SteelNormal, Fire, Poison, Flying
SteelIce, Rock, FairyFire, Water, Electric, SteelFire, Fighting, GroundNormal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel, FairyPoison
WaterFire, Ground, RockWater, Grass, DragonElectric, GrassFire, Water, Ice, Steel

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