Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be Similar to Legends Arceus? – Answered

How different are they?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are around the corner, and players who recently played through Pokemon Legends: Arceus might have a few questions. With Arceus bringing a whole new format to the world of Pokemon, it makes sense players would be wondering if these games will be similar. So, will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be similar to Pokemon Legends: Arceus? We have the answer for you below.

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be Similar to Legends Arceus?

The answer is a little more complicated than you would think. Yes, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will adopt the open-world style structure of Arceus and expand on it. It will feature multiplayer with up to three other friends, which Arceus did not have.

However, the seamless in and out of battling, collecting resources, and setting are all different. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet focus on the traditional turn-based battles that you’re used to from the mainline series.

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Agile and Strong Style is not in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can have your partner roam around and battle Pokemon automatically; this new system is called “Let’s Go!”

While Pokemon Legends: Arceus focused on learning about the Pokemon of the region and restoring peace to the land, Scarlet and Violet focus on three different paths you can tackle in any order. These three paths revolve around battling eight gym leaders and the Elite Four, learning about Titan pokemon, and defeating the evil Team Star.

So in many ways, Scarlet and Violet are more open in their choices, path forward, and exploration, while Arceus’s battle system is more free-flowing.

Well, we hope that helps clear up if Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are similar to Pokemon legends: Arceus. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games. If you’re looking forward to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, be sure to learn how to preload the game ahead of launch.

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