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One of the ultimate objectives in any Pokemon game is to catch ’em all, and there are always some juicy rewards if you manage to do so. Here’s the reward you’ll get if you can complete the whole new Indigo Disk Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC.

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Indigo Disk Pokedex Rewards

There’s a total of 240 Pokemon in the Blueberry Pokedex, and your main reward for catching them all is the Mark Charm. This increases the chances of getting a Mark with a Pokemon. You don’t need to catch the event exclusives Walking Wake, Iron Leaves, or Pecharunt to get it.

With the complete Dex in hands, head back to the entrance of the Blueberry Academy and speak with Cyrano to claim your Mark Charm. You don’t need the previous generations’ legendaries, but you’ll need to catch the new Paradoxes introduced in the DLC.

You can also claim various rewards for reaching milestones in your Pokedex. These rewards are often evolution items that help you get certain special Trade evolutions and can either be obtained through it or the School Store.

The following list are all the Indigo Disk Pokedex rewards and how many Pokemon you need registered to claim them. You can claim your Pokedex rewards by opening up the Blueberry Pokedex and pressing the X button.

Pokemon RegisteredPokedex Reward
90Ability Capsule
110Dubious Disc
120Safari Ball
150Love Ball
170Dragon Scale
180Moon Ball
190Metal Alloy
200Dream Ball
210Gold Bottle Cap
220Beast Ball
230Ability Patch
240Master Ball

What is the Mark Charm?

The Mark Charm is the big unique reward you’ll get for the Indigo Disk’s Pokedex completion. It’s similar to the Shiny Charm (which you’ll get as the Paldea Pokdex reward) in the sense that it increases the likelihood of you finding unique Pokemon: the Mark Charm will triple your odds of finding a Pokemon with a Mark.

Marks are special seals that are given to a Pokemon for various reasons, and they come alonside unique titles that you can give your Pokemon to appear beside their name. For example, a Charizard with the Mightiest Mark will have the “Unrivaled” title, appearing as Charizard the Unrivaled when thrown into battle.

The Mark Charm is a pretty unique item that you won’t be able to obtain any other way. So make sure you visit Cyrano to pick up this very special Indigo Disk Pokedex reward.

How to Complete the Indigo Disk Pokedex

To complete the Indigo Disk Pokedex, you’ll obviously want to run into and catch every Pokemon you see as you travel around Blueberry Academy’s Terarium biomes. But there are a fair amount of Pokemon you’ll need to go out of way your way to register, including version exclusives you’ll need to trade for and some very unique evolutions.

Indigo Disk Version Exclusive Pokemon

The following is a list of all Pokemon in the Indigo Disk Pokedex that are exclusive to either Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet:

Pokemon ScarletPokemon Violet
Alolan VulpixAlolan Sandshrew
Alolan NinetailsAlolan Sandslash
Gouging FireIron Boulder
Raging BoltIron Crown

Indigo Disk Pokemon with Special Evolutions

The following Pokemon all require unique items or special methods to evolve and register for the Indigo Disk Pokedex:

PokemonHow to Evolve
ExeggutorUse a Leaf Stone on Exeggcute.
**Catchable in the wild
RhyperiorTrade Rhydon holding a Protector.
ElectivireTrade Electabuzz holding an Electrizer.
MagmortarTrade Magmar holding a Magmarizer.
ScizorTrade Scyther holding a Metal Coat.
**Catchable in the wild
KleavorUse a Black Augurite on Scyther.
**Catchable in the wild
FarigirafTeach Twin Beam to Girafarig at level 32.
**Catchable in the wild
RabscaWalk 1,000 steps with Rellor.
**Catchable in the wild
AlcremieSpin your character while Milcery holding a Sweet is in your party.
KingdraTrade Seadra holding a Dragon Scale.
WhimsicottUse a Sun Stone on Cottonee.
**Catchable in the wild
VileplumeUse a Leaf Stone on Gloom.
BellossomUse a Sun Stone on Gloom.
**Catchable in the wild
Galarian SlowbroUse a Galarica Cuff on Galarian Slowpoke.
Galarian SlowkingUse a Galarica Wreath on Galarian Slowpoke.
MalamarTurn the Switch console upside down while Inkay levels up to level 30.
HitmonleeLevel up Tyrogue to level 20 when its attack stat is higher than its defense.
**Catchable in the wild
HitmonchanLevel up Tyrogue to level 20 when its attack stat is lower than its defense.
**Catchable in the wild
HitmontopLevel up Tyrogue to level 20 when its attack stat is equal to its defense.
**Catchable in the wild
Alolan GolemTrade Alolan Graveler.
CinccinoUse a Shiny Stone on Minccino.
**Catchable in the wild
MagnezoneUse a Thunder Stone on Magnemite.
PolteageistUse a Chipped Pot (Antique form) or Cracked Pot (Phony Form) on Sinistea.
Porygon 2Trade Porygon holding an Upgrade.
Porygon-ZTrade Porygon 2 holding a Dubious Disc.
OverqwilTeach Barb Barrage to Hisuian Qwilfish at level 28.
Alolan SandslashUse an Ice Stone on Alolan Sandshrew.
Alolan NinetailsUse an Ice Stone on Alolan Vulpix.
ArchaludonUse a Metal Alloy on Duraludon.
HydrappleTeach Dragon Cheer (TM 226) to Dipplin.

How to Catch Wild Starter Pokemon in Indigo Disk

The Indigo Disk’s Pokedex includes all 24 starter Pokemon from previous games as well as their evolutions. This makes up a sizable chunk of the Indigo Disk’s Pokedex, but you won’t have access to these Pokemon from the get-go. Instead, you’ll need to upgrade each of the four biomes in the Blueberry Academy’s Terarium for them to start spawning in the wild.

To upgrade a biome, you’ll need to access the PC in the League Club Room and donate 3,000 BP to the Terarium Club’s initiative to boost biodiversity. There are four biomes and each one has its own upgrade, so you’ll need a total of 12,000 BP in order to access all starter Pokemon in the Indigo Disk.

All starter Pokemon will appear in their pre-evolved forms, meaning you won’t find their evolutions walking around in the wild. So to register starter Pokemon evolutions in the Indigo Disk Pokedex, you’ll need to level up and evolve each one.

How to Catch the New Paradox Pokemon in Indigo Disk

One of the other main rewards in the Indigo Disk is obtained at merely 200 registered Pokedex entries. If you manage to register 200 Pokemon in the Indigo Disk Pokedex, you’ll be able to start the hunt for the newly introduced legendary Paradox Pokemon.

Once you finally manage to complete this arduous task, return to the beginning of the Terarium and speak with Perrin, the photographer girl you’ve met in The Teal Mask’s Bloodmoon Ursaluna quest. She won’t be here if you haven’t done that quest first, so make a quick trip to Kitakami if you need!

Catching at least 200 Pokemon requires completing the whole DLC main story, as well as finishing some side quests, such as donating enough BP to unlock new Pokemon spawns or completing some unorthodox evolution requirements here and there. This will be very time-consuming, so take your time with those.

After speaking with Perrin, she will finally give her “hot tip”: the location of the new Paradox Pokemon based on previous Legendaries. Scarlet features Gorging Fire and Raging Bolt (based on Entei and Raikou), while Violet gives you Iron Boulder and Iron Crown (based on Cobalion and Terrakion).

They’re all found in Area Zero and don’t count for the overall Indigo Disk Pokedex. There’s only one of each, too, so don’t miss your chance for them! And they’re just as powerful as they’re awesome, so don’t miss the chance of adding them to your team if you’ve already caught Terapagos, the main box Legendary for the DLC.

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