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Pokémon GO Legendary And Mega Raid Boss Schedule (December 2022)

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Kyurem and Mega Glalie

December has just begun and that means the Mythical Wishes season has kicked off around the globe in Pokémon GO. Not only will we have a fresh five-star Raid Boss schedule in December 2022, but there are also some debuts for Megas and shiny Legendaries that Trainers have been waiting for.

Nearly every week has something new in store for Trainers who aim to take down bosses within Raids and that will start with the Hoenn mega starters. More surprises could appear throughout December as new events are introduced, but Niantic has already disclosed most of the schedule. We’ll outline every Raid that you can expect within the next month of Pokémon GO.

Mega and Legendary Raid Boss Schedule – Pokémon GO December 2022

Ever since Niantic has been using infographics to announce a new month of content instead of blog posts, we’ve received far more information on Raid Bosses. Now Trainers can prepare much further in advance and ensure that passes are used at the best time. You can find the full December 2022 Legendary and Mega raid schedule below.

Legendary Raid Bosses in December 2022

  • Virizion: December 1 – December 8
  • Terrakion: December 8 – December 15
  • Cobalion: December 15 – December 23
  • Kyurem: December 23 – January 1

Mega Raid Bosses in December 2022

  • Mega Abomasnow: December 1 – December 8
  • Mega Swampert: December 3 from 2 pm to 5 pm local time (Hoenn Raid Day)
  • Mega Sceptile: December 3 from 2 pm to 5 pm local time (Hoenn Raid Day)
  • Mega Blaziken: December 3 from 2 pm to 5 pm local time (Hoenn Raid Day)
  • Mega Aggron: December 8 – December 15
  • Mega Glalie: December 15 – January 1

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Pokémon GO Raid Hours December 2022

  • Heading to Hoenn Mega Raid Day – December 3 at 2 pm local time
  • Virizion – December 7 at 6 pm local time
  • Terrakion – December 14 at 6 pm local time
  • Cobalion – December 21 at 6 pm local time
  • Kyurem – December 28 at 6 pm local time

The Heading to Hoenn event is important because it may be your only chance to get the Mega Hoenn starters for the rest of the month in Pokémon GO. They will certainly appear again in the future, but they don’t have a week of appearances for the time being like the other Raid Bosses on the schedule do.

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