Pokémon GO: Clodsire Best Movesets Listed

Clodsire is no stick in the mud.

A Pokémon GO screenshot of Clodsire near a creek.
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Just because Clodsire is bulky doesn’t mean it can’t dish out some scary damage. Below are Clodsire’s best movesets in Pokémon GO for Gym battles as well as for Great League.

Clodsire’s Best Pokémon GO Moveset for Gym Battles (PVE)

If you’re building up Clodsire primarily to deal with Gym battles, you’ll want both of its primary types covered in its moveset. All Pokémon deal extra damage when attacking with a move that is the same type as themselves (typically called a “same type attack bonus,” or STAB). Since Clodsire is a Poison- and Ground-type Pokémon, it will do the most damage with moves of these types.

Because its quick move Mud Shot has more utility than Poison Sting, Clodsire’s best moveset for both offensive and defense Gym battles is Mud Shot and Sludge Bomb. Sludge Bomb will helpfully hit Fairy-type Pokémon for super effective damage. Mud Shot and Sludge Bomb also offers the most damage per second compared to Clodsire’s other attack combinations, including Mud Shot or Poison Sting and Earthquake.

Quick Move (Gym Battles – Offense and Defense)Charged Move (Gym Battles – Offense and Defense)
Mud ShotSludge Bomb

Clodsire’s Best Pokémon GO Moveset for Pokémon GO Battle League (PVP)

Clodsire’s great bulk makes it a big threat in the Pokémon GO Battle League Great League. The landscape of Great League, however, makes Sludge Bomb a less than ideal move choice. If you’re going to train your Clodsire for Great League, its best charged moves are Earthquake and Stone Edge. Bulky Great League Pokémon such as Gligar, Registeel, and Steelix resist Poison-type attacks, making the STAB move Earthquake and the coverage move Stone Edge better options for Clodsire in the PvP scene.

Quick Move (Great League)Charged Move 1 (Great League)Charged Move 2 (Great League)
Mud ShotEarthquakeStone Edge

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