Pokémon GO: Best Conkeldurr Moveset Listed

A swing from those cinder blocks is bound to hurt.

An official image of Conkeldurr from Pokémon GO in the Pokémon TCG.
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Conkeldurr isn’t the strongest Fighting-type Pokémon around, but it’s no slouch, either. If you’re looking to train one in Pokémon GO, look no further for its best movesets. Whether to battle in Gyms or in the Pokémon GO Battle League, Conkeldurr can pack a mighty punch if you teach it the right moves.

Conkeldurr’s Best Pokémon GO Moveset for Gym Battles (PVE)

Conkeldurr’s Best Moveset for Gym Battles (Offense)

When using Conkeldurr to fight against Pokémon in Gyms, your best option is to use a fully Fighting offensive of Counter and Dynamic Punch. This moveset will give you the highest damage output, although Conkeldurr will have a rough time against Psychic- and Fairy-type opponents. If you have a Conkeldurr with the Dark-type move Brutal Swing, teach it Dynamic Punch as a second move to give it wider coverage.

Quick Move (Gym Battles – Offense)Charged Move (Gym Battles – Offense)
CounterDynamic Punch

Conkeldurr’s Best Moveset for Gym Battles (Defense)

If you’re going to send your Conkeldurr off to defend Gyms, your best moveset option is Counter and Brutal Swing. Brutal Swing helps Conkeldurr hit the pesky Psychic-types that Trainers will send its way for super effective damage. Counter acts as its Fighting-type move to get a same type attack bonus from.

Quick Move (Gym Battles – Defense)Charged Move (Gym Battles – Defense)
CounterBrutal Swing

Brutal Swing isn’t normally teachable to Conkeldurr. If yours doesn’t know the move, an alternative option is the Poison Jab Quick Move and Dynamic Punch Charged Move. Poison Jab will damage Fairy-types with a super effective bonus, and you’ll still have a Fighting-type move with Dynamic Punch.

Quick Move alternative (Gym Battles – Defense)Charged Move alternative (Gym Battles – Defense)
Poison JabDynamic Punch

Conkeldurr’s Best Pokémon GO Moveset for Pokémon GO Battle League (PVP)

Against other players in the Pokémon GO Battle League, Conkeldurr definitely wants the Quick Move Counter for the same-type attack bonus. It will also want Dynamic Punch as its Charged Move for the additional power. 

Ideally, you can teach Conkeldurr another move using 75,000 Stardust and 75 Timburr Candies. If your Conkeldurr knows the special move Brutal Swing, keep it and teach it Dynamic Punch as a second move. If not, keep Dynamic Punch and teach it Stone Edge as a second move. While Stone Edge isn’t as helpful as Brutal Swing, it has its uses by giving Conkeldurr a super effective attack to use against Flying-types.

Quick Move (Battle League)Charged Move 1 (Battle League)Charged Move 2 (Battle League)
CounterDynamic PunchBrutal Swing
(or Stone Edge)

If you’re interested in building a Conkeldurr of your own, check out our information about Timburr Community Day and how you can get a Conkeldurr that knows Brutal Swing.

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