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Pokemon GO Buddy Find Location – How to Unlock

by Nicholas Barth

Pokemon GO players have been able to pick a character that is their buddy and helps them in all of their adventures when it comes to the fan-favorite title. Your buddy can help you in a variety of ways, with one of them being able to find a location for you. However, you must meet a specific requirement for your buddy to be able to find a location for you. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to unlock the find location ability.

Pokemon GO Buddy Find Location

Buddies have a progression system that players can utilize to unlock abilities for them. This progression system is based on acquiring hearts for your companion. Trainers can earn up to 11 per day regularly or up to double this amount by buying a poffin item for 100 Pokecoins. There are a total of four levels players can get their companion to reach. The Ultra Buddy level is where your companion will unlock the ability to find a location for you. 

 Pokemon GO Buddy Find Location

Trainers will need to get their companion a total of 150 hearts to reach this particular level, so it may take you a few days before you can accumulate enough hearts to unlock this ability for your trusted friend. 

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