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Pokemon GO Ex Raid Boss January 2020

by Nicholas Barth

January 2020 is in full effect for the world of Pokemon GO, and it is bringing plenty of changes for players to experience. One of these changes is the implementation of a new Ex Raid boss. Fortunately for all of you curious Trainers out there, we have the Ex Raid boss for January 2020 covered for you. 

Pokemon GO Ex Raid Boss January 2020

Players who venture into the fan-favorite mobile game on January 8th and 9th will see that the Ex Raid boss for the first month of 2020 is the legendary Regigigas. 

This legendary Normal-type character is most weak against Fighting-types. Trainers will find a great deal of success battling this creature and defeating it by using characters like Machamp, Blaziken, and Hariyama. 

 Pokemon GO Ex Raid Boss January 2020

It is important to note that you will only be able to take on this boss if you have received an invitation to the Ex raid battle. Players can become eligible to obtain a pass for this particular activity when they win a Raid’s Battle at a qualifying gym. You can see which gyms can host this kind of activity for the title by looking at the gym details. The pass will give players the date and time for when they will be able to battle and hopefully defeat this formidable character for January 2020. 

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