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How to Catch Shiny Heatran in Pokemon GO

by Nicholas Barth

January 2020 has already been a hectic time for the world of Pokemon GO. One of the newest activities that players will be able to partake in to kick off the new year in the popular title will be catching the new five-star raid character of Heatran and possibly the shiny version of the legendary creature as well. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to make sure you do not miss out on a chance to catch a shiny Heatran. 

Shiny Heatran Pokemon GO

Trainers will be able to get a chance to catch Heatran and possibly its shiny version beginning on Tuesday, Januar 7th, at 1 PM. Players will no longer be able to find Heatran or its shiny version when the character’s status as a five-star raid opponent ends on Tuesday, February 4th at 1 PM. This period means players almost have a full month to set aside some time to add this formidable character to their teams. 

 Shiny Heatran Pokemon Go

This particular raid boss is a Fire and Steel-type, which means players will have the most success battling it with Fighting and Water-types. You will also need a full group to have a fighting chance of taking down this five-star raid boss, so make sure to round up all of your friends and discuss which team compositions will be the best against this legendary foe. 

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