The world of Pokemon GO received a significant change this week when the legendary character of Heatran became the boss for five-star raids in the fan-favorite title. This particular creature will not be an easy raid boss for players to take down. However, if you have the right counters on your team, you will be able to defeat this boss with help from your friends. Fortunately, we have the counters for Heatran covered for you. 

Pokemon GO Heatran Counters

Heatran is a Fire and Steel-type character, which means that players would be wise to use Fighting, Ground, and Water-types against it. 

Examples of characters who would be excellent to use against this particular boss can be found below:

  • Machamp
  • Swampert
  • Kyogre
  • Garchomp
  • Golem
  • Excadrill
  • Rhyperior

 Pokemon GO Heatran Counters

Players who make sure that their raid group has these counters will have much more success against the legendary boss than a group who do not take the time to make sure that their teams are composed of the most useful creatures for this Fire and Steel-type boss. There is no doubt that there will be plenty of players doing their best to utilize the counters of this character against it. Doing so will allow you to add its formidable power to their team for use in future battles during all of their adventures in the famous mobile game. 

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