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Pokemon GO Battle Update – New Battle League and More

by Ginny Woo

Been enjoying the Lunar New Year event in Pokemon GO like the rest of us? Well, it looks like we’ve got even more to look forward to now in the Year of the Rat: there’s a new Pokemon GO Battle update which will introduce a new Battle League and more. We’ve been looking forward to going head to head with mates for a long time, so here’s what we know about the update and what it’s going to add to the Pokemon GO experience very shortly. 

Pokemon GO Battle Update – New Battle League and More

The Pokemon GO Battle update’s main draw is the Pokemon GO Battle League. Essentially, it’s going to function on a tiered system like a lot of PVP initiatives do in other titles. Trainers will finally be able to go head to head to work through three different leagues on a fortnightly rotation – Great League, Ultra League, and Master League. You’ll be able to earn rewards ranging from Stardust to TMs, and Niantic is opening up this competitive experience to some trainers in an unofficial preseason before the Ultra League’s current projected launch date of February 10

To actually unlock the new Pokemon GO Battle League, you’re going to have to complete a set of pretty simple introductory tasks. We’ve listed them out below:

  1. Walk 5km to enter the League
  2. Finish 5 online matches

Once you’ve done this first introductory hurdles, you’re welcome to repeat this a couple of times – up to three times daily so that you can get your battle experience in. If you’re on a winning streak and ranking up, you’ll be able to get better rewards like more Stardust. You’ll also have the chance to encounter Pikachu Libre while you’re fighting your way through the League as part of the Pokemon GO Battle update, so those of us who are familiar with the adorable critter are really excited for that. We’ll make sure to keep you on top of the latest happenings with Pokemon GO as the League’s preseason rolls on!

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