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In the case you ever wanted to play Simulated Universe on steroids

Herta Space Station from Honkai: Star Rail
Image from Honkai: Star Rail YouTube Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.4 "Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream" Special Program

Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe has always been based on luck and the path chosen on higher difficulties. In the game’s newest event, Planar Infinity, you’ll be challenging the run with the best of your characters and hoping your luck can withstand waves of enemies that’ll be coming your way.

Overall Guide to Planar Infinity Event in Honkai: Star Rail

Planar Infinity Menu in Honkai: Star Rail
Image via Honkai: Star Rail YouTube Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.4 “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream” Special Program

The Planar Infinity event is a short event that takes the question, “But what if we removed some of the limits from the Simulated Universe?” and puts it to the test. There are five challenges in the event that all have highlighted a set rule that players are familiar with, only to then take that rule and completely break it. For example, in the First Trial, “Infinite Expansion Curio”, aside from sounding like something out of Jujutsu Kaisen, it grants two Curios to the Trailblazer. 

Cosmic Big Lotto and Omniscient Capsule are Curios with the following effects: Cosmic Big Lotto can grant Curios when destroying items in the Simulated Universe, but it can also cut the HP of the current team while giving Cosmic Fragments and Omniscient Capsule can double the rewards for destroyed objects. Together, these two items can yield the Trailblazer plenty of Curios and Cosmic Fragments by destroying items around the map in the Simulated Universe of Planar Infinity. Thanks to their Infinite Status, these items will not break and will only continue to gift the player rewards at the risk of their character’s HP. 

By taking advantage of these effects, players can devise a plan that will keep their characters alive and get as many Curios as they can in order to take on the final boss.

Each Planar Infinity Challenge is divided up into two parts, one being the part where players will take the challenge of the domain to either gather lots of Curios, gain as many Blessings, or Cosmic Fragments as possible before talking to Herta at the conclusion of the Boss Battle in the domain. 

Speaking to Herta will open up the second part of the event, a trial that expands wave after wave of enemies that lead up to challenging the boss again. Players will have to be careful about what characters they bring into the battle and how they plan their path through the first part of the domain so that they are all the more prepared for Herta’s Challenge. Points will be granted for the damage done against the enemies and for defeating each wave which will help get the rewards for the event. 

A Guide to Each Plane in Planar Infinity: Who to Bring and What to Aim For

“Infinite Expansion Curio” Plane

Planar Infinity Day One Buff
Screenshot by Prima Games

Team Build: DoT Team, Follow-Up Attack Team

Path: Nihility, Erudition

Buff: Infinite Cosmic Big Lotto and Infinite Omniscient Capsule

The challenge will recommend that you bring Physical and Lightning characters to the Plane due to the fact that a majority of the enemies that are in this level are weak to these two elements. However, in the final trial, Cocolia, Aurumaton Gatekeeper, and even more enemies weak to Ice and Quantum. So, while you should definitely either bring your strongest Physical or Lightning character, you should also plan around these enemies as well and be sure to Download additional characters whenever you get Respite.

By following Nihility or Erudition, you can deal lots of damage to the enemy with Follow-Up damage or DoT. This will help whittle away at strong, HP-centric characters such as Cocolia, Aurumaton, and another instance of Gepard who will consistently use his shield to protect his party.

“Infinite Expansion Nurture” Plane

Planar Infinity Day Two Buff
Screenshot by Prima Games

Team Build: Follow-Up Attack Team, Hunt Team

Path: Erudition, The Hunt

Buff: “World’s Slice”

The most important part about the Final Trial in Ruan Mei’s Plane is being quick and getting a lot of turns in before your enemy can. Once again, you’ll be facing off against Cocalia and Bronya which aren’t too bad separately aside from these two always getting their turns in before your own. This is exactly the domain where your Topaz will shine. By bringing in characters who possess the Fire and Quantum Element, this trial should become much easier when grabbing the rest of the rewards.

“Infinite Expansion Fragment” Plane

Planar Infinity Day Three Buff
Screenshot by Prima Games

Elements: Lightning, Wind
Path: Follow-Up Damage, Nihility
Buff: Robe of the Beauty

This round is all about collecting as many Cosmic Fragments as possible. In your possession will be an Infinity Robe of the Beauty, which will increase your damage by 16% for every 100 Cosmic Fragments in your possession. Cosmic Fragments can be gained by winning against enemies, breaking objects, and coming into contact with the right Occurrences. While you should focus on gaining as many Fragments as you can, don’t neglect to purchase any Blessings or Curios if you find you are in lack whenever you hit the Respite area.

Although the Plane asks that you bring Lightning and Fire, your better option for Fire would be to bring a Wind element since there are a large number of enemies in the domain that are weak to Wind. Svarog will be your biggest competition as the Boss with guest appearances from Shape Shifter from the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus and the Malefic Ape. As long as you have a strong Lightning and Wind character, you’ll be good to go, and combining it with a Fire character will only ensure your victory.

“Infinite Expansion Bait” Plane

Planar Infinity Day Four Buff
Screenshot by Prima Games

Elements: Imaginary, Wind
Paths: Destruction, Nihility, or Propagation
Buff: Shattered Star Bait

During this plane, players will be granted the Infinity Shattered Star Bait Curio which grants additional Blessings whenever a Trotter is defeated in battle. With each battle triggered, a Trotter will drop into the midst of battle so be sure to bring the adequate Elements to take out their Weakness Barrier quickly before they scatter.

Sequence Trotters are weak to either Imaginary, Physical, or Quantum, and your two main bosses this time around will be Gepard and later, Kafka. Whether you’re bringing an Imaginary DPS or a Wind Hyperecarry Team, your main paths are going to be Destruction and Nihility since these are the best when fighting against these enemies. If you’ve unlocked Propagation from Swarm Disaster, then this is the best Path to take when using Imbibitor Lunae. Your main focus will be on the Elite enemies to take them down and earn the most points for attacking them.

“Infinite Expansion Upgrade” Plane

Planar Infinity Day Five Buff
Screenshot by Prima Games

Elements: Ice, Quantum
Paths: The Hunt, Remembrance, or Propagation
Buff: Enhanced Blessings and Never-ending Upgrades

The last Plane is all about gathering the right Blessings and upgrading them since this event will give you infinite and Special Blessings made for this specific plane. Given the list of enemies that you will be facing during this run, it is best to bring along a strong Ice or Quantum character which can be quite difficult. The main bosses of this area will be the Abundant Ebon Deer and Svarog, enemies that have somewhat different weaknesses that make it hard to plan a team around when attempting to defeat both.

Your best bet is to go with a team centered around an Ice or Physical DPS team, bringing a variety of different elements to help knock out the major bosses. There’s also the mono-Quantum team where you can use a variety of different debuff and harmony characters to try and strengthen your team while weakening your enemies.

All Planar Infinity Event Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

  • Stellar Jade x500
  • Traveler’s Guides x29
  • Refined Aether x15
  • Arrow of the Star Chase x15
  • Arrow of the Demon Slayer x15
  • Relic Remains x150
  • Credits x460,000

Planar Infinity may not be a long event or one that yields the most rewards, probably being one of Honkai: Star Rail’s first events that have the least amount since the game debuted. But it is still a fun event that once again takes a fun twist on the Simulated Universe by making it completely insane to gather all Curios within the game or all Blessings within one branch of the path. How many combinations and achievements can you cross off your list by playing your cards right? For a list of the achievements that came out in 1.4, hop on over to this guide to start knocking them out for yourself. For more news and guides on Honkai: Star Rail, you can also check out the game tag just below this article.

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