Aetherium Wars Event Guide & Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

Giovanni? A bit on the nose, don’t you think?
Trailblazer vs Luka in Honkai: Star Rail Event Aetherium Wars
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In one of Honkai: Star Rail’s most exciting events, Aetherium Wars has taken this turn-based game from one genre into another. It’s time to grind some levels and partner up with your trusty Trotter because the Trailblazer is officially entering the Pokemon League Challenge!

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Aetherium Wars Event Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

Invited by an IPC agent named Wilder, Trailblazers have gained access to participate in a wild new event that is lightly based on Pokemon. Brought to life with Punklorde technology, Aetherium Wars has breathed new life into the game by creating life-like creatures that players can train and pit against each other to discover who has gathered the best in the arena. 

Similar to another franchise, you’ve befriended a peculiar little creature that shouldn’t be part of the system and is incredibly rare. But despite being so little, the Warp Trotter has joined your party and is ready to take on the Aetherium Wars Tournament! The event itself is quite linear and easy to grasp, especially if you’re already familiar with the way it has organized itself. 

Complete The Gym Challenges

Screenshot by Prima Games

Instead of an entire map, you have four major areas called Victory Zones, where you’ll be able to explore the terrain for new types of Aether Spirits to add to your party, battle other Challengers who are in the area, and complete the Victory Zone Challenge to confront the Champion Contender. The maps are places you’ve already visited, and even come with five new treasure chests in each location to grant you some extra rewards. 

Each Victory Zone has their own characteristic Aether Spirits for that area, and it’s up to you to collect them all to gather their data. Gaining access to a wide diversity of Aether Spirits can help you plan your strategy for later down the line. The story will pretty much guide you through each of these areas so there is no going out of order or exploring willy-nilly, but be sure to gather all the treasure and complete the challenges in the area for maximum rewards. 

There’s a puzzle in each Victory Zone to complete before you can challenge the strongest character in that Zone. In the Corridor of Fading Echoes, Trailblazers need to move the beacon to trigger the rest to activate. In Cloudford, you need to match two to three separate stickers to make up the whole image of the Tournament Sticker. The Great Mine brings back the Automaton controller, and players get to blow up some more IPC members. And in Herta’s Space Station, you get to rescue the poor Wubbaboos from around the Station, having been roped into the competition by Herta. Just like the Gym Challenges, these are pretty easy and straightforward with the game practically walking you through each one. 

Collect All of the Badges

Trailblazer vs Pela & Serval in Aetherium Wars Event in Honkai: Star Rail
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Instead of seven, you’ll only have four Champion Contenders to challenge for their Mastery Mark Badges. Gathering these will allow you to participate in the Aetherium Wars Tournament and challenge other powerful Trainers, with your final confrontation being the Elite Challenger who’s been taking the game by storm all throughout your journey.

The best thing you can do to ensure you’re ready for these challenges against the Contenders is to gather lots of Aether Spirits of each type. And while the battle is almost immediate, you do get insight into what Aether Spirits your Contender will use. At the battle screen, you can take a moment to regather your party by selecting the button highlighted in the image above. 

Here, you can take some time to reorganize your party to use Aether Spirits who will be effective in battle. You can even take the time to reorganize your Chip Enhancements and level up your Aether Spirits as necessary. 

Level-Up Your Pokemon

Blaze Out of Space Aether Spirit in Event for Honkai: Star Rail
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You can’t go into battle with baby Aether Spirits, so be sure to level them up before you enter battle. When venturing through the Victory Zones, you can earn Upgrade Data by battling and gathering Aether Spirits. Naturally, you’ll also be able to earn them from competing against other trainers in the area. They may also give you Enhancement Chips, these are like items that you can equip onto your Aether Spirits to give them additional buffs and special effects to make them stronger in battle. 

These chips can either be Blue, which is the basic type that you can receive from Trainers around the Victory Zone, or Purple, which are rare and can only be obtained by challenging the Champion Contender in that area, the strongest Aether spirit in that Victory Zone, or in Hyperlinks Battles.

Hyperlink Battles are additional challenges the Trailblazer can go battle to receive more Upgrade Data as well as one rare Purple Enhancement Chip. Be careful when going into these challenges, though, because these characters are tough and tricky to battle. Plan around their party types, and you’ll be as good as golden!

One of the most important things to remember when battling is knowing the type of match-ups. There are three in Aetherium Wars: Humanoid, Mechanical, and Aberrant. Humanoid is strong against Mechanical, Mechanical is strong against Aberrant, and Aberrant is strong against Humanoid. Always be sure to look for the Type Counteract Button on your screen to ensure that you’re matching up the correct enemies for the battle you’re entering. Damage is increased by 1.5x whenever enemies are successfully counteracted. 

Take on the League for Glory!

Aetherium Wars Event Menu Page in Honkai: Star Rail
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The last challenge is the ultimate one, the Aetherium Wars Tournament that Giovanni has prepared! This involves taking on four powerful trainers one by one and coming out on top so that Trailblazers can take their Aether Spirits to the final challenge against the Elite Player, who has been their secret rival this entire time. Like in other battles, you’ll have a chance to reorganize your party before going in, make sure all your Aether Spirits are at max level, and have Enhancement Chips that complement their play style. If you neglect these few things, you may find yourself in a world of hurt, but the payoff will be oh-so-sweet for those final rewards!

Aetherium Wars Event Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

(Items may be the minimum value as shown below since Treasure Chests and Completed Domains in the Victory Zone yield additional rewards)

  • x1800 Stellar Jade
  • x500 Relic Remains
  • x1,550,000 Credits
  • x98 Traveler’s Guides
  • x100 Refined Aethers
  • x110 Lost Crystals
  • x96 Lifeless Blades (Destruction Trace Material)
  • x12 World Breaker Blades (Destruction Trace Material)
  • Worp Trotter Chat Box
  • Fateful Crossings (Invitation to free Luka, Serval, Pela, or Hook Character)
  • x2 Tracks of Destiny
  • x1 Self-Modeling Resin

Can you put together the ultimate team to take down the challengers who come to the Aetherium Wars Tournament? For more awesome news and guides on Honkai: Star Rail, be sure to visit the game tag below so you aren’t missing out on any coverage of your favorite game.

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