Forget about just toppling goats in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can turn your focus onto tipping things that are a lot more dangerous instead. We're talking about spiky Electric monsters here, and in particular, you're going to want to know what Pincurchin's weakness in Pokemon Sword and Shield is. 

Pincurchin Weakness in Pokemon Sword and Shield

So, you're someone who wants to figure out what the soft spots on a Pincurchin are. Well, we can tell you one thing from the outset: it sure as hell doesn't look like it has any. This Pokemon is literally covered in barbed growths and it looks like a radioactive Snom. We're not really wanting to touch this one with a ten-foot pole, which is why figuring out Pincurchin's weakness is so important. We've already helped you divine what would be the best way to take out a Dubwool (more on that in this particular guide here), though we can't say that punching a Pincurchin really hard will have the same effect. 

Instead of punching a Pincurchin (read: with a Fighting Type Pokemon, okay, we're not monsters), we recommend that you just bury it alive. Yeah. Just bury it. It's an Electric Type Pokemon which means that it's going to be weak to Ground moves, so our top tip here to deal with it is to have a Pokemon cast Earthquake on it and just call it a day. Cave in all of Circhester Bay while you're at it - that's where these prickly little nuisances spawn anyway. You'd be doing the rest of Galar a favor if you dispatched them all in one fell swoop, or caught them all. Whichever is easiest. 

So now that you have our guide on Pincurchin's weakness in Pokemon Sword and Shield to contend with, it should be fairly easy for you to nab one of these bad boys. We swear they should evolve out of a Snom just judging by the mandibles, but hey, we're not the ones in charge of the Pokedex shenanigans. If you don't yet own a copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield, why not pick one up from Amazon using this link here and support Prima Games at the same time? Once you've gotten into the swing of being a Pokemon Trainer in Galar, come on down to our dedicated guides hub for the game and you'll be able to check out some tips and tricks that we've put together for players just like you: