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How to Get A Cracked Pot in Pokemon Sword and Shield

by Ginny Woo

There are a million and one ways to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, with some definitely more outlandish than others. However, sometimes it’s just as simple as having the right item, whether that’s an evolutionary stone or a Cracked Pot in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here’s how to get the latter. 

How to Get A Cracked Pot in Pokemon Sword and Shield

So, you’re after a Cracked Pot in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Easy, mate. It might initially seem like junk, which has some people wondering about how exactly you’re just meant to find broken pottery kicking about in the wild. Well, we can help you with that. The Cracked Pot is a legitimate item in the game, and you can it via one of two ways. 

The first way is to actually buy a Cracked Pot from a vendor. A very specific vendor in Stow-On-Side who sells a variety of bargain items every day, one of which is the Cracked Pot. If you go to the marketplace in the town and head for the stalls clustered near some stairs, there’ll be a man standing off to the side. Speak to him and he’ll have some bargain goods on sale, one of which has a chance to be the Cracked Pot. If he’s not selling it that day, come back another day and he’ll eventually have it in rotation. 

If you’re less patient, however, and want to guarantee that you get one as quickly as possible, then you can also find a Cracked Pot in the wild. What you can do in Stow-On-Side is head towards the stadium, and then scale the ladder on your right. You’ll follow it up onto a roof, and there will be a Pokeball there which contains the Cracked Pot. Easy, right? All you need to do if you want to evolve your Sinistea is to use the Cracked Pot on it and voila. More creepy cookery! As far as evolutions go in Pokemon Sword and Shield, this is a pretty straightforward one – Yamask was way kookier, and we have a guide on that that we’ve relinked here for your benefit.

Now that you have our guide on how to get a cracked pot in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it should be a little bit easier for you to ensure that you finally get a Polteagiest. It’s really the only way that you can evolve the Ghost Type Pokemon, so it’s definitely a hot commodity if you’re wanting to flesh out your Pokedex. If you don’t yet own a copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield, why not pick one up here via Amazon using this link and support Prima Games at the same time? Pretty nifty, we reckon. Once you’ve started on your Galar adventure, come on back to our dedicated guides hub for the game which contains a bunch of tips and tricks for Trainers like yourself:



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