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When Does Vulpix Evolve in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

by Ginny Woo

When Does Vulpix Evolve in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Evolving a cute little Pokémon into an intimidating monster is one of the features players like about Pokémon. If you’re after some flaming hot foxes in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you’ll be hard pressed to pass up the likes of Vulpix and Ninetails. 

Fortunately, Vulpixes are a dime a dozen in the game but what about getting them to power up to their next form? Curious about when Vulpix evolves in Pokemon Sword and Shield? We can help you with the answer.

So, you have a Vulpix and you’re wanting to know when this bad boy gets powered up in Pokemon Sword and Shield into the majestic Ninetails? Yeah, we’ve got you. If you don’t have a Vulpix yet, well, it’s actually fairly easy to get one.

You can pick them up while they’re wandering around Motostoke in Route 3, which means that you can get them at relatively low levels, so if you’re worried about when you can evolve them then let us put your fears to rest. 

The good thing is that if you’re wondering about when Vulpix evolves in Pokemon Sword and Shield in terms of levels, there’s actually no cap. You can basically get a Level 10 Ninetails if you’re so inclined as long as you meet the single criteria needed to evolve this Fire Type Pokemon.

If you’re someone who has quite a bit of experience with the games, then you might already know what we have to say. Yes, you need to actually find a Fire Stone in order to evolve your Vulpix, and as soon as you do this, it will turn into a Ninetails regardless of levels. Cool, right?

To get a Fire Stone, we actually have a separate guide solely to do with that topic which covers off the multiple avenues of acquisition for said elemental rock. We’ve relinked that guide here for your convenience.

You don’t even need to have your Rotom bike capable of cycling over water to find one, as you can find a Fire Stone fairly early on if you head to East Lake Axewell en route to Hammerlocke. Cross the bridge to the path leading you to Hammerlocke, and then take a left before following the path until you see a Pokeball between two pillars. There you go! A way to evolve Vulpix. 

Now that you have our guide on when Vulpix evolves in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it should be a lot easier for you to know when you can start slotting Ninetails in to your roster. We definitely don’t want to bench either of those cute foxes.

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