Where to Find Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Trying to trap an elusive little dragon? Here's where to find Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Spoiler: there's really only one place.

We’re all busy prepping our Pokemon Sword and Shield teams in advance for the June 2020 DLC which definitely feels like it’s kicking about soon. Hell, we’re almost mid-way through April. In any regard, if the Isle of Armor is on your priority list, we think you’ll be wanting to soup up your team. Why not pick this niche Dragon and Ghost Type? Here’s how to find Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Where to Find Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you aren’t quite familiar with the Dragon and Ghost dual Type that is Dreepy, then we can get you caught up to speed. This adorable, prehistoric-looking dragon is ridiculously adorable and turns into the formidable Dragapult in its final form. It has an incredibly low spawn rate, so anyone who’s had difficulty netting the likes of Dhelmise in Galar will probably want to be preparing themselves for a waiting period that’s just as long. If you’re curious about how to get a Dhelmise, we’ve relinked our guide here on picking up that sentient anchor for your convenience. 

Now, back to Dreepy. If you’re looking for those adorable little buddy, there’s only one place that you’ll want to take yourself to – we’re talking about the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area. When you’re kicking around that area, Dreepy is liable to spawn in one single patch of grass located smack dab by the lake, and even then it only has a 5% chance to spawn so we’re talking astronomically small odds. Weather doesn’t quite affect this, and it’s the same rate all year round, but if you do find a Dreepy then it’s going to be between Level 50 and 60. You’re unlikely to access this area until fairly late in the game anyway (your Rotom bike can’t traverse water before you’ve cleared a significant portion of it), so the level shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just all about patience. 

Now that you have our guide on where to find Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it’s really just a matter of being persistent in your stakeout so that you too can grab this sneaky little thing. This hot commodity is rare as all heck to actually get, so if you do manage to snag one, you’ve earned the automatic respect of the entire Prima Games team. If you don’t yet have a copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield, you can pick one up for yourself via this Amazon link that will allow you to support Prima Games at the same time. Once you’ve cracked into that Galarian lifestyle, come back to our dedicated guides hub for the game to browse the variety of tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for Trainers like yourself:

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