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Heisters, prepare for plenty of content within the first year of Payday 3’s lifespan. While the newest game in the franchise may already have a fair number of cosmetics and heists to partake in, the ability to gather up your friends… I mean, friends to perform some more creative jobs in the coming months sounds like a dream come true. If you purchased the Gold Edition of Payday 3, you’ve got these in the bag, and those that haven’t may need to complete a few more heists to get the cash to purchase them, as they’re looking rather promising. Let’s dive in and find out what is waiting for us within the first year of Payday 3’s lifespan and the roadmap to get us there.

Payday 3 Year 1 DLC Roadmap

With the introduction of the Season Pass, you’ll have access to various DLC missions, heists, and more. You’ll find a full list below, alongside their general release dates:

  • Syntax Error – Winter 2023
  • Boys in Blue – Spring 2024
  • The Land of the Free – Summer 2024
  • Fear and Greed – Fall 2024

However, it is good to note that they may change up the names of these heists, alongside their release dates without notice, as stated in the photo above. You’ll also have access to the following options while waiting for these new DLC updates to drop:

  • Seasonal Events
  • Playable Characters
  • Skill Lines
  • New Enemies
  • New Weapons
  • Unreal Engine 5 Update
  • Cosmetics
  • New Features
  • QoL Updates
  • & More

While the team is hard at work making sure that Payday 3 is just as stacked with content as Payday 2 was, they’re also hard at work ensuring that servers are up and running, and possibly implementing new ways to play the game. While Payday 3 is an excellent game to jump into with friends or by yourself, you’ll need to make sure that the game is up and functioning as expected, as well.

Looking to get into some action on the go? Find out if Payday 3 plays well on the Steam Deck, and find plenty of other guides to help you enjoy everything this game offers to the fullest in our section below. We’ve got you covered on missions, weapons, and more, so get ready for your next heist in style with us.

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