Payday 3 Devs “Evaluating Every Possibility” Regarding an Offline Mode

It seems the Payday team has heard the Heister's cries.

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While Payday 3 may feel like an excellent franchise evolution, it takes a step back in a few different ways over its predecessors. If you’ve tried playing Payday 3 over the past few days, you’ll quickly know what we’re talking about; the always online requirement is hampering players’ enjoyment of the game. During a recent developer livestream, the team at Starbreeze discussed what it’s evaluating moving forward and spoke a little bit about the potential of an offline mode for Payday 3.

During the stream, Brand Director Almir Listo and Lead Developer Andreas said the following about the addition of an Offline Mode for Payday 3;

“We have not yet confirmed an Offline Mode, but what we can say right now is that we’re evaluating every possibility going forward on how we can provide the best experience for you all. That’s as clear as we can be on that topic for now.”

Almir Listo during Live Update with Almir & Andreas!
Live Update With Almir & Andreas via Payday 3 YouTube Channel – Starting point 15:25

While this does not confirm the addition of an Offline Mode for the game, it seems that the team is at least working toward the possibility of one being added shortly. With all of the server-based issues the team has been working with over the weekend since its launch, it’s understandable why the subject may be a little tender at this point, but we can only continue to wish them luck in the ongoing development of these new features.

Alongside the Offline Mode, the development team and brand director mentioned more features they hope to add to the game in future patches, including the much beloved Safehouse from Payday 2, pre-game chat, skill lines, and more. It seems that the team is hoping to win back the trust of fans with these post-launch livestreams while offering insight and transparency regarding issues players are encountering.

With the sheer number of issues that players have been seeing, we can only hope that the team can continue striving toward a proper fix that will allow gamers to access their new favorite heist simulator. Until then, we can only wait to see what they’re cooking up in the background with continued support and streams detailing new information coming to the game.

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