Payday 3’s Latest Update Reintroduces Two Fan Favorite Maps

Happy stealing.

Starbreeze, the studio behind Payday 3, has released The Legacy Patch. This free update will allow players to rob two fan-favorite maps from Payday 2 and introduce new animations, cosmetics, and more.

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According to a press release, Cook Off and Turbid Station (Murky Station in Payday 2) have been “reimagined to fit the recently launched title,” both maps have been polished to ensure they run smoothly with all the features introduced in Payday 3.

In addition to legacy maps returning, the latest update also introduces a new Transport skill line, new first-person animations, in-game weapon inspections, new weapons/masks, and more infamy points are being added to heist payouts. 

On top of that, the update also fixes over 200 bugs and adds more quality-of-life improvements. Even though Starbreeze has just released the 1.0.2 update, players can still look forward to the Syntax Error DLC, which is expected to drop sometime in December. 

Be sure to check out our Payday 3 review, where Shawn Robinson wrote, “Payday 3 opens strong with eight different heists that challenge whether you take it nice and slow or head in guns blazing. Its systems are satisfying to engage with, and it’s all set under a beautiful backdrop that fully utilizes its setting.”

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