Palia: How to Complete Make ’em Sing

Bedroom drawers and a glitchy stone

Palia How to Complete Make em Sing

Palia is yet another cozy life sim in which you explore the secrets of the world together with other players, or do nothing in particular but fish, craft, and enjoy the coziness. Although this MMO is currently in the beta phase, it already has a lot of content, including numerous quests that are needed to raise the friendship level with various NPCs.

The same applies to the “Make ‘Em Sing” quest in the Friendship Questline with Tish. This quest unlocks when you reach Friendship Level 4 with the adorable resident of Kilima village who is also a skilled carpenter. So, let’s find out how to complete this quest.

How to Complete Make ’em Sing Quest in Palia

In the “Make ‘Em Sing” quest, you need to assist Tish in spying on Zeki so that she can free Reth. But first, need to place a Singing Stone in his bedroom. The Singing Stone is a Grimalkin device that allows the possessor of one stone to listen in on the location of another, so basically a spying device.

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The quest description instructs you to place the Singing Stone in Zeki’s Bedroom drawer. When you enter Zeki’s room, you will see two drawers: one to the left and one to the right of the bed – we assume that these are the places where the spying device should be planted, but this quest seems to be bugged! (no pun intended).

How to Put Singing Stone in the Bedroom Drawer in Make ’em Sing Quest in Palia

Many players report being stuck here because they can’t find any place in Zeki’s bedroom where there is a prompt to drop the Singing Stone. On the Palia Reddit, we found comments from many players complaining that this quest is bugged for them. The oldest messages are from ten days ago, while the latest confirmation that the quest is still bugged is from today – August 21. For now, it seems there is no workaround, as we tested and confirmed that relogging does nothing.

The Palia developers are aware of this bug and now we just have to wait for the next patch that will eventually fix it. We will continue to monitor the situation related to this glitchy quest and will update this article once the problem gets resolved.

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