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Overwatch 2: “Error Starting Game, Trying Again” Error Explained

Yep, it's broken again.

by Meg Bethany Koepp

Another day, another Overwatch 2 error. It’s getting to the point where there are more players encountering problems than there are actually being able to play the game. The latest roadblock is the “error starting game, trying again” error which is stopping users from being able to join and play OW2 matches, whether it’s Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade. Here’s everything we know about it, including when we can expect to see a fix rolled out.

“Error Starting Game, Trying Again” Overwatch 2 Error Explained

Like you, I tried loading into a match, got “Game Found” and was excited to jump in and bust some heads, before being kicked back to the mode select screen with a red “error starting game, trying again” error popping up in the corner. Great.

Earlier today, Blizzard revealed they’d patched a few things (see our Overwatch 2 October 13 Patch Notes: Full List of Fixes and Changes guide for more information) so it’s possible that something they tweaked in this latest round of fixes broke matchmaking for many players. I’d like to say I’m surprised but after over a week of constant bugs and things not working, it seems par for the course at this point.

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As for if there’s anything you can do on your end to fix the “error starting game, trying again” error and get yourself loaded in a game, no, there’s not. You simply have no choice but to wait until Blizzard resolves the issue which, unfortunately, may mean you have to go and touch grass. Go on, be brave.

I’ll update this article once we have an ETA on a fix, but until then, sit tight or read up on our Overwatch 2 guides so you’re ready to jump back into the action once OW2 is back up and running again.