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How to Obtain Dante in FIFA 23 FUT SBC? – Answered

Are You Looking To Get Your Hands on Centre Forward Dante in FUT23?

by Ashley Anthony
FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT Promo

We got another surprise release and a sudden announcement by EA Sports with their latest drop of Out of Positions Dante in FIFA 23 FUT Squad Building Challenges. 

If you want to find out how to get the Out of Positions (OOP) Dante in FUT, how much it costs, and more, then continue reading this post as we’ll try to give you all the valuable insight needed to gain access to this player item, that came so suddenly.

Despite the drop coming as a big surprise to the FIFA community, the OOP player item still plays along with the Fantasy FUT theme that started Friday, March 3 and is presumed to run for a few more weeks. 

If you missed the first drop and explanation of how this promo works, you could read FIFA 23 Fantasy Football Explained.

Dante, a centre-back by trade, has received a special OOP card that converts him into an attacking option, and here’s how to obtain the OOP Dante.

FIFA 23 | Fantasy FUT | Dante CF OOP Item
Dante CF OOP Player Item (Screenshot:

How to Get Dante, the Attacker in FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT?

In this Squad Building Challenge, there are only two segments to complete. Both SBCs possess their own conditions and pack rewards once accomplished. These are the specific requirements in question for you to complete:

Before explaining how to get the Dante OOP player item, here is a look at the Fantasy Team 2 Squads, current and heroes.

For Brazil

  1. The first is the number of players from Brazil in your starting XI. You are required to have a minimum of one in your starting lineup, and
  2. Your overall squad rating must be a minimum of 83.

For Ligue 1

  1. The first is the number of players from Ligue 1, with a minimum of one in your starting lineup required, and 
  2. Your overall squad rating must be a minimum of 84.

How Much Will It Cost FUT23 Players?

Rumour has it that the Dante SBC item will be around 70,000 FUT Coins on PlayStation and Xbox, while PC players must pay 80,000 FUT Coins. The reason for the 70,000 FUT Coins is due to the price inflation in the FIFA 23 FUT Transfer Market.

This latest item will also only be available until March 23, before it expires. Check out what’s next to come in FIFA 23 with Prima Games Promo Tracker.

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