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No Place For Bravery: How To Get The Arbalest Bow

Aim for the knees.

by Matt Vatankhah

No Place For Bravery, the gruesome action-RPG developed by Glitch Factory, has a lot of enemies to slay throughout your journey to learn the truth. You’ll acquire new weapons along the way, allowing you various methods of taking down foes as well as gaining access to specific areas you come across. The Arbalest Bow is the third weapon you’ll obtain and is crucial for shooting hard-to-reach enemies and levers to unlock secrets. If you’re looking to get your hands on this deadly ranged weapon, read on to learn how to get the Arbalest Bow in No Place For Bravery.

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Reaching the Helwyr’s Fire Production Site in No Place For Bravery

Screenshot by Prima Games

To obtain the Arbalest Bow, you’ll first need to get through the Helwyr’s Fire Production Site. To reach it, travel around the southeast section of the Frozen Wastelands until you come upon its intimidating entrance as shown above. You really can’t miss it – though you may need to progress through the Frozen Wastelands before being able to enter.

Once inside, you’ll navigate through various rooms filled with the usual; enemies, traps, pitfalls, and other things trying to kill you. The room you’re looking for is located at the very northern end of the zone. Just make sure to watch your step.

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you manage to get through it all, you should find yourself in a warm and welcoming room filled with bodies and hazardous liquids spilled everywhere. You’ve made it through the Helwyr Fire Production Site, and the Arbalest Bow is within reach! Well, after one last challenge…

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Defeating The Earless in No Place For Bravery

Screenshot by Prima Games

Your only-slightly-trusted semi-companion decides that you’re only there to slow her down, and you’ll be forced to fight her to the death. The Earless is a quick and nimble opponent, zipping and zapping around the arena while flinging vials of acid towards you and sending barrages of arrows your way. You’ll need to be quick to dodge all the projectiles while you edge closer to her for the right moment to strike. Make use of your Invulnerable Sidestep skill to weave through the arrows unharmed as you whittle down her health.

Once she’s defeated, she’ll drop the very weapon she used in her attempt to end your life – The Arbalest.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Arbalest is capable of sniping enemies from afar, and can also be used to shoot specific levers found around the game’s world, allowing you access to previously unreachable areas. The amount of ammo is indicated by the red dots below your health bar, and it can be reloaded at any time by pressing the Block button while it’s equipped.

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