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New World: Where to Find Grizzlemaw for ‘Ever Been Mauled’ Quest

Tough for even the most Grizzled veteran

by Madison Benson
New World Where to Find Grizzlemaw for Ever Been Mauled Quest

If you enjoy travelling around in New World and completing side quests, you’ll eventually run into the Ever Been Mauled mission. This quest, given by Felix Livius, tasks you with defeating a level 17 bear in the northwestern region of Everfall. You’ll even see a quest marker indicating where to spot this bear, but upon reaching it, you may notice that it is nowhere in sight. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover where to find Grizzlemaw for the Ever Been Mauled quest in New World.

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New World: Where to Find Grizzlemaw for ‘Ever Been Mauled’ Quest

There are two main reasons why you may not see Grizzlemaw initially. The first is that someone recently killed the bear, requiring you to wait until its respawn timer ends. However, the second reason is the usual culprit. The quest marker you see during this mission appears around 100 meters north of Grizzlemaw’s actual spawn location.

When you start the mission and look for the quest marker on your map, you’ll spot it northwest of the rare fishing hotspot at the tip of the nearby hill. Rather than going to this location, though, you’ll want to head southwest of the rare fishing hotspot. You’ll see Grizzlemaw’s exact spawn location on the map below.

New World Grizzlemaw Spawn Location
Image via New World

The easiest way to reach this location is to use the Marauder Enclave fast travel point and head northeast. You can also travel south from the Shadowmine Shrine or run directly from Everfall and follow the path there. Just be careful since, despite the bear only being level 17, it’s more challenging than regular enemies and can deal hefty damage even if you’re above level 20.

After defeating Grizzlemaw, head back to Felix Livius to complete the Ever Been Mauled quest in New World!

New World is available to play on PC through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Get the Energizing Charm and How to Get and Use Runeglass Gems in New World.

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