How to Get and Use Runeglass Gems in New World

Let's craft some new Gems!

How to Get and Use Runeglass Gems in New World

Do you play New World? The new Brimstone Sands update brought a lot of new things and, among others, new ways to upgrade your gear. Runeglass Gems are a new type of gems in New World that can be slotted into weapons or equipment to increase stat bonuses and add other effects. They are better than Pristine Gems as they will add more bonuses on top of those that the previous best gems did. So, how do you craft Runeglass Gems in New World? Check out our guide below.

How to Get and Use Runeglass Gems in New World?

You create Runeglass Gems by crafting, more precisely by cutting existing Pristine Gems. To do this you will need level 180 Stonecutting as well as a Tier 5 Stonecutting Table. You will also need Runeglass Cases which add different damage-type effects. You need to be a level 180 Weaponsmith to make Runeglass Cases. There are 14 variants:

  • Abyssal – Adds Void damage
  • Arboreal – Adds Nature damage
  • Electrified – Adds Lighting damage
  • Empowered – Adds Arcane damage
  • Energizing – Adds Energizing
  • Freezing – Adds Ice damage
  • Ignited – Adds Burning damage
  • Leeching – Adds Leeching damage
  • Punishing – Adds Melee damage
  • Sighted – Adds Range damage
  • Siphoning – Adds Mana Siphoning

When you have everything you need, you can mix and match your Pristine Gems with Runeglass Cases of your choice and create powerful Runeglass Gems.

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Now you know how to create new Runeglass Gems and how to get the most out of them by adding the damage type you need, so go level up your Weaponsmith and Stonecutting skill and create some Gems to make your character even more powerful and ready for new Brimstone Sands content and challenges it brings.

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