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How to Get the Energizing Charm in New World

It'll keep you going, and going, and going...

by Matt Vatankhah

Keeping your gear score as high as possible and full of powerful perks is the name of the game in New World, and the Energizing Charm earring is one item you don’t wanna miss. With cooldown reduction and passive health regeneration, the Tier 5 item will ensure you stay in the battle without sacrificing that precious uptime. If you’re looking to get yourself this Legendary jewelry item, continue reading to learn how to get the Energizing Charm in New World.

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How to Get the Energizing Charm in New World

The Energizing Charm is a rare drop, so you’ll obviously need to put in some work to find it in any given loot table. You’ll find one dropped by mobs in the Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated) zone, which is full of level 55 enemies. Make sure you’re prepared and farm the following mobs for a chance at a drop:

Enemy NameLevelZone
Oro55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Joven55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Figgy55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Zhou Taiying55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Commander Chen55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Maiden Jingfei55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Maiden Lanfen55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Maiden Daiyu55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Spearman Chiu55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Summoner Yau55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Summoner Guang55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Captain Kaiwei55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Lieutenant Bolin55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)
Isabella55Dynasty Shipyard (Mutated)

The Energizing Charm is a Tier 5 named jewelry piece that sports a 590 gear score rating. At 600 gear score, the charm becomes a Legendary item. The charm boasts the following stats:

  • 24 Strength
  • Empty Gem Socket
  • Refreshing Toast – Potions cooldown 28% faster
  • Regenerating – You gain 0.47% health every second
  • Refreshing Evasion – Reduces active cooldowns by 0.73% after exiting the dodge animation.

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