New World Arcane Repository Guide

New World Arcane Repository Guide: Crafting, Tiers and More

Want to make a new staff? Create potions? Do it all here!

If you want to make various potions in New World, the Arcane Repository is your best friend. Using alchemical reagents, you can create potions, magic staffs, gauntlets, and more. However, there is more to the station than you may initially expect. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive New World Arcane Repository guide detailing how crafting works, its tiers, and more.

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New World Arcane Repository Guide: Crafting, Tiers and More

The Arcane Repository is one of several crafting stations in New World that allows you to craft specific items instead of finding them in the wild or buying from Trading Posts. Instead, you can post your own creations on the Trading Post for others to buy. There is one Arcane Repository in every major settlement but not in the three northern outposts of the Great Cleave, Shattered Mountain, and Edengrove.

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Crafting Basics and Ingredients

Upon entering the Arcane Repository, you’ll immediately find options to create magical weapons, potions, and elemental essences. These are all valuable resources, but each requires different materials to craft. Below are some examples of common resources you need for crafting in the Arcane Repository:

  • Elemental Wisps and Arcana: While most commonly used in Alchemy, you’ll also need these for other trade skills such as Stonecutting. Beginning at tier one elemental Motes, you’ll eventually learn to create Quintessences using regular tier four essences. While potions class these as Reagents, weapons typically call it Arcana.
  • Alkahest: If you want to get into potion-making, you’ll need to create Alkahests using water and Hyssop. You can harvest Hyssop from herb plants and water from any pond, lake, river, or ocean.
  • Reagents: Numerous reagent types exist in Alchemy, ranging from elemental to medicinal. You’ll need different reagents for various potions and coatings. For example, a Strong Health Potion requires Medicinal and Earth reagents, while Mana Potions require Magical and Air. Many of these include wisps, plant drops, and fish salvage items.
  • Materia: If you’re looking to create Expedition Replicas, you can use Materia to craft them! You’ll gain Materia from salvaging Expedition-exclusive equipment, which you can use to make various magical weapons. However, you can’t use the Materia from one expedition to make a weapon from a different one. For example, you can’t use Depths Materia to make Genesis equipment.
  • Special Resources and Azoth: Similar to equipment in other crafting stations, you can use special resources and azoth to raise your Gear Score and boost your chances of receiving weapon perks.

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As you gather these materials alongside your regular metals, leather, and wood, you can use them to craft various items. However, you’ll have to ensure you’re high enough Arcana level. You can raise this level by using the Arcane Repository.

Tier Systems

As you reach higher Arcana levels, you may notice that you can’t create some items despite having enough resources. This may be because the Arcane Repository isn’t a high enough tier. In this situation, check the Town Project Board to see if any active assignments are up for the station. If so, you can participate and help the town reach higher tiers. Alternatively, you can check other settlements to see if they have high-tier Arcane stations and fast travel there instead. The highest you can find is Tier five.

What are you waiting for? Harvest some herb plants, gather some water and begin making some potions!

New World is available to play on PC through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out our New World Character Transfer Guide and How to Play Music.

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