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New Marvel Snap Card – Kitty Pryde – Showcase, Decks, Counters, Synergies

Literal Wallhack Woman

by Nikola L

Marvel Snap’s Ben Brode mentioned in an interview a few months ago that there are thousands of Marvel Snap characters that Second Dinner can use to make cards in Marvel Snap. So basically, one card every week = ~50ish cards every year! Assuming Marvel Snap lasts long enough (it’s still in Early Access™) we will have a really rich database of cards soon!

This week, it’s Kitty Pryde’s turn to enter Marvel Snap. She’s gonna be stuck in Series 5 (Pool 5) for a long time probably, and most players will sadly not see her for many more months, due to how difficult it is to obtain newly released cards. Kitty Pryde has an interesting effect and Prima Games is ready for a new Card Showcase, where we’ll also suggest Decks that work well with Kitty Pryde so that some synergy can be accomplished, and we’ll show you how you can counter Kitty Pryde.

What is the Effect of Kitty Pryde in Marvel Snap?

Kitty Pryde is a 1-Cost, 0-Power card with the following effect:

You can return this to your hand to gain +2 Power.

Given the perfect conditions and calculating only her ability, you can bounce her back on turns 2,3,4, and 5, which effectively makes her a 6-Cost, 8-Power card. When you put it like that, she’s obviously garbage-tier, because you don’t get any value whatsoever with her alone, but you also hinder your Energy Curve big time. Surely, you can try and bounce her back with Beast in an attempt to reduce her Energy Cost and speed things up, but the effect won’t go off unless you specifically drag her back to your hand. Yes, you can bounce Kitty Pryde back and play it again in the same turn.

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This being said, I believe that this card will be good only with Elysium (you get to play her for free right off the bat), or Sinister London for example, which will allow you more copies and make a hilarious Twitch moment. Shuri’s Lab also accelerates things a bit and opens up a Taskmaster finisher on the last turn.

What Decks Are Good for Kitty Pryde in Marvel Snap?

Anything that has Angela, and Bishop will certainly increase the value of Kitty Pryde. The Collector won’t work for some reason because it doesn’t detect Kitty Pryde moving back to your hand if you play it immediately, in the same turn. Bast will help accelerate her Power at the start.

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RegisKillbin has made an interesting deck that you can try out (here’s the code):


I fully support this build but I do not see it being a big deck for now. I also see that some players are tossing in America Chavez, Devil Dinosaur, and Moon Girl… I’d probably toss out The Hood for Scarlet Witch or Shang Chi, which I always see as important Tech cards. So basically, just roll out Kittie-Brackish on repeat and try to slam-dunk your opposition if you get your hands on Kitty Pryde.

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How to Counter Kitty Pryde in Marvel Snap?

You need to get a read on your opponent’s play if they have the priority and Elektra that cat out of the game, or just play Killmonger for that matter. That’s all for this guide, everyone. Make sure to check out our Marvel Snap tag under this article for more content related to the game!

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