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New Marvel Snap Card – Jean Grey – Showcase, Decks, Counters, Synergies

Meta's about to change big time.

Jean Grey is a mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers in Marvel lore and she has a big connection with Phoenix Force. Given her ability in Marvel Snap, I think Second Dinner did her justice and that the abilities her card has in the game reflect the aforementioned abilities well. See below what Jean Grey’s effect is and what are the best ways to use her or to counter her in Marvel Snap.

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What Does Jean Grey Do in Marvel Snap?

Jean Grey costs 3 Energy, has 3 Power, and has the following effect:

Ongoing: Players must play their first card here each turn. (if possible)

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Holy moly! I already see this as a great addition to Silver Surfer Sera Control decks, hands down. Why? Because this card will derail a lot of combo decks. It, for example, outright nullifies Galactus (if there are any players remaining after the nerf of Galactus), and it heavily disrupts Wong-based decks if it’s deployed in a different Location from Jean Grey.

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It will also act as a counter to the bounce decks to a certain extent and it outright may just shut down Sandman decks if the controller of that deck cannot overcome the issue of being forced to play at one location only. Just imagine dropping Jean Grey at a Location where On Reveal Effects do not work. It’s a very constraining card and will force a lot of players to play sub-optimally against her, which is where you strike decisively and with full confidence.

Of course, I need to emphasize that you need to try and designate a Location where you will start working on Turns 1 and 2 so that you do not become the one controlled by Jean Grey’s shenanigans too much. I also advise you to keep a Killmonger, because bounce and zoo decks will find ways to escape Jean Grey’s reins and you need to punish that on Turn 6.

If you are looking for counters against Jean Grey, it’s basically just Enchantress.

How Good is Jean Grey in Marvel Snap?

I feel she’s GREAT. I can’t wait to get the card, because the current meta is boring as hell and I feel less and less motivated to play the game (in essence, I made an Agatha deck that autopilots itself). It’s supposed to come out on July 11, and with the introduction of Spotlight Caches we wrote about, I feel a lot more players will actually be able to obtain the newly released card unlike with the current system.

Should I Buy the Jean Grey in Marvel Snap? Is it Worth Buying?

If you are into Sera Control Silver Surfer decks, then, by all means, do so! You can use Jean Grey for Zoo decks as well as a “tech” tool.

That’s all I have for you today. Check out New Marvel Snap Card Datamine – August 2023 – Daken, Lady Deathstrike, Silver Samurai, X-23, and many more cool articles about Marvel Snap here at Prima Games by checking the game tag below. Snap responsibly!

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