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New Marvel Snap April Bundles Revealed – Are They Worth it? – Answered

So many offers...

Bundles for the month of April 2023 are officially revealed and announced by Second Dinner and oh boy, do we have a lot of stuff to report about. There are quite a few bundles, and you’re bound to be “taken” by at least one of them, so let’s see what’s up in Marvel Snap. Welcome to Prima Games.

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Is Throg, Frog of Thunder Bundle Worth it in Marvel Snap? – Answered


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  • Thor Throg Variant
  • Thor Throg Avatar
  • Title: Cold Blooded
  • 3000 Tokens
  • 7000 Credits
  • 155 Thor Boosters

Price: 7,000 Gold

I am the type of person that’s not a big collection hoarder. I just want to have every card in the game, I do not care much about the variants. So, I am looking through the prism of Tokens and Credits that you get. This one’s looking pretty good! But only if you have this amount of Gold saved up by getting it for free. Paying real money for this bundle is not something that you should ever be doing so Second Dinner gets a memo that this pricing is unacceptable.

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Is the Aww-vengers Bundle Worth it in Marvel Snap? – Answered

Look at how cute this is! Especially the Ant-Man trying to steal a cookie!

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  • Captain Americat Variant & Avatar
  • Mooster Fantastic Variant & Avatar
  • Ant-Ant Variant & Avatar
  • 35 Captain America Boosters
  • 35 Mister Fantastic Boosters
  • 35 Ant-Man Boosters

Price: $4.99

Three cute variants, three cute avatars, for a “measly” 5 bucks. Verdict? Not taking it. Because I am scared of falling down the rabbit hole again. I’ll make do without them. I’ll be happy to see when someone else plays them, though!

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Is the Artist Showcase: Dan Hipp Bundle Worth it in Marvel Snap? – Answered

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  • Devil Dinosaur Dan Hipp Variant & Avatar
  • Moon Girl Dan Hipp Variant & Avatar
  • 2000 Credits
  • 155 Devil Dinosaur Boosters
  • 155 Moon Girl Boosters

Price: 2,900 Gold

Verdict: I’d rather save my Gold for something that includes Collector’s Tokens.

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Is the Earth-616 Day Bundle Worth it in Marvel Snap? – Answered

Image via Second Dinner
  • Groot on a Swing Variant & Avatar
  • Hela Gardening Variant & Avatar
  • 600 Gold
  • 600 Credits
  • 35 Hela Boosters
  • 35 Groot Boosters

Price: $9.99

Given the current price of the plain 700 Gold bundle (which I personally find… not that valuable when it comes to the $/gold ratio), this bundle is better than it, but I am still not sold.

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Is The Squirrel Girl Tokens Bundle Worth it in Marvel Snap? – Answered

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The Tokens Bundle

  • Squirrel Girl Rian Gonzales Variant
  • Squirrel Girl Rian Gonzales Avatar
  • 4500 Tokens
  • 155 Squirrel Girl Boosters

Price: 5000 Gold

Verdict: SOLD!

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Finally, you get to choose whether you’re Team Goose or Team Cosmo:

Team Cat Bundle

  • Title: Cats Rule
  • 1250 Credits
  • 105 Random Boosters

Price: 700 Gold


Team Dog Bundle

  • Title: Dogs Rule
  • 1250 Credits
  • 105 Random Boosters

Price: 700 Gold

Verdict: Cool value for Credits.

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