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New Location in Marvel Snap: Krakoa – Explained

Another Agatha / Ego Spinoff...

by Nikola L

Second Dinner is in full throttle when it comes to adding new Cards and Locations to Marvel Snap. After all, there are just so many resources in the rich lore created by Stan Lee. This week, we are getting a new Location – Krakoa, a sentient island that is referred to as the “Island that walks like a man”. Well, this Island will think your plays for you, the effect is amazing and will shake up the meta a bit. See what all this Marvel Snap ruckus is about here at Prima Games.

What is the Effect of Krakoa Location in Marvel Snap?

It seems the effect will be liked by many, and hated by many more, because it resembles the effects of the Location Ego and the notorious card called Agatha Harkness.

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On turn 5, takes over and plays both players’ cards for them.

Right off the bat, I feel this will be a huge hindrance to a lot of Infinaut decks (unless you’re running the combo Moon Girl on 4, Magik on 5, Pass on 6, and then Infinaut + two She-Hulks on 7, but that combo can be disrupted too if Krakoa doesn’t play Magik where it’s supposed to).

There are no flashy animations, the cards are just dropped fast to conserve everyone’s time, so you’ll have enough time to think if you want to proceed with the Match or Retreat.

How to Counter Krakoa in Marvel Snap?

Let’s be reasonable here. Krakoa works on Turn 5, and the last Location is revealed before Turn 3 begins. There is more than enough time to produce a Scarlet Witch, Rhino, Storm, or Magik (however, this will be a lottery) in your hand until then. Or, if you are playing Thanos, you can produce a Reality Stone.

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This Location counters Daredevil to some extent. You do know where your opponent’s random play will end up, but you are not in control of your own and you cannot counter it. However, information is still valuable in most of the Matches. Professor X’s plays will be hindered a lot, and Shuri’s plays as well, it’s going to be chaos out there.

The community is pretty divided about this Location and there is a lot of disdain going on. People kind of don’t like the restrictive Cards and Locations apparently.

That’s all for this Location showcase, everyone! Check out our Captain Marvel explanation guide, and much more Marvel Snap content right here, at Prima Games, by clicking the Marvel Snap tag below this article.

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