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MLB The Show 23 Presentation and Audio Improvements Explained

Euphoria: the sound a bat makes when you smash one out of the park!

by Ashley Anthony
MLB The Show 23 | Gameplay Sounds

Drew Irvine of Sony San Diego Studio (SDS) and face of The Show 23, Jazz Chisholm, sat down for a fun one-on-one. In this pep talk, they discussed the all-important presentation and audio in MLB The Show 23. 

Not giving everything away and only offering a taste of what’s to come, the duo sat and discussed all the improvements made to achieve this immersive feeling they’re trying to accomplish with this title and others to come. 

And from what’s on display, it’s looking quite promising.

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MLB The Show 23 | New Glove Pop Sounds
New Audio – Glove Pops (Screenshot: MLB The Show 23)

New and Improved Sounds in MLB The Show 23

The sound team at SDS has added many more sounds, explains Drew. What I’m hoping doesn’t happen is that some of these new features don’t slow the game down even more. 

IMO: the game does drag already, and when you add more features between games before the next pitch, it tends to slow the game down. Ultimately, playing nine innings can take forever and take even longer with added extras between pitchers and frames.

MLB The Show 23 | New Bat Crack Sounds
Audio – New Bat Cracks (Screenshot: MLB The Show 23)

Here Are the Main New Audio Features Coming in The Show 23:

  • There will be on-the-field audio,
  • In-the-stands audio,
  • New chants and new yells from the fans, players, and coaches,
  • More names are coming to the game,
  • New bat crack sounds (quite excited about this upgrade, nothing better than the sound of a ball crushed by a wooden bat),
  • Glove pops (this one, too — love the sound of a line drive caught or stopped with a thick glove – BANG!), 
  • Foul tips caught by the catcher, and
  • Music, fans, commentary, and everything will be louder to create the authentic ballpark atmosphere of an MLB, MiLB, and Spring Training Games.

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MLB The Show 23 | Stadium Exteriors
New Visuals – Select stadium exteriors added (Screenshot: MLB The Show 23)

The most interesting of them is the onfield and in-stands audio and the foul tip caught by the number 2 on the field. Will a foul ball hit be a far different sound than a foul tip? Let’s see, as there wasn’t much difference in the past.

Jon “Boog” Sciambi of Sunday Night Baseball for MLB on ESPN Radio and sportscaster/former pro baseball player Chris Singleton were again selected for MLB The Show commentary cast. After hours of recording, SDS is satisfied and believes it will be even better this season than the last runout. They want to double up on the major transformations made last season in MLB The Show 22 with 23.

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Up Next to the Plate in MLB The Show 23: New Visuals

This department has had many upgrades and inclusions. They want to give all players the feeling of being taken to the ballpark.

MLB The Show 23 | Jumbo Screens
New Visuals – Jumbotron videos added (Screenshot: MLB The Show 23)

The New Presentation Features in The Show 23:

  • There are 100s of new jumbotron videos that have been added,
  • Select stadium exteriors — you will be able to see the outside of stadiums (it will be fantastic to see some fan walks),
  • Loads of visual upgrades — in-game visuals improvement,
  • Fighter jets will do the jet fly-overs before the first pitch, 
  • Player celebrations and interactions with fans will be more frequent — fans’ reactions to hits and big plays will all be an all-new feature. 
MLB The Show 23 | Presentation
Visuals – New Feature Jet Fly-Overs (Screenshot: MLB The Show 23)

SDS’s Game Design Manager confirmed the pep talk that all game days would sound different. Meaning: MLB fixtures will sound different to MiLB and Spring Training — each will be a unique atmosphere — effectively creating different experiences for players as close as possible to the real deal. 

He also confirmed that they’ve really “leaned in, in the player emotion on the field,” having the players and crowds react the same to big plays and big hits. 

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