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All MLB The Show 23 Game Modes: What’s New? 

I Can't Decide What Mode I’m More Excited to Play On MLB the Show 23

by Ashley Anthony
MLB The Show 23 | New Baseball game title 2023

In two days, the one-month countdown begins for MLB Opening Day. And from February 28, the one-month countdown begins for the release of MLB The Show 23  — for the Deluxe and Captain Edtion owners — exclusive early access is less than a month away. 

That said, San Diego Studio has promised a host of new features coming with the title in the franchise series, including new game modes, new stadiums, new legends, new cutscenes, and more. 

If you’d like to learn more about the MLB The Show 23 Game Modes and what you can expect, keep reading this post. 

What Are the Game Modes Included on MLB the Show 23?

  • Road to the Show
  • Diamond Dynasty
  • Franchise
  • March to October
  • Storylines
  • Online Co-Op
  • Challenge of the Week
  • Home Run Derby
  • OG MLB The Show Game Modes

Discussing Each Game Mode in MLB The Show

Below will give you a better idea of each game mode and what you can expect when you purchase and download MLB The Show 23, starting with Road to the Show. 

Road to the Show

In Road to the Show, you get to live the dream of trying to make it in the big leagues after going through the ranks and building your player to the best in his selected position. 

In this career mode feature, you’ll create a player, pick a position, and try to get recognised by the bigger clubs in the Major Leagues. Play games and do training to unlock rewards and to keep upgrading your player. 

Diamond Dynasty

Those who love FIFA and Madden NFL can compare Diamond Dynasty to FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), where you’ll create your dream team. Receive player cards/item packs, select the best, and see how your team fairs against other Diamond Dynasty players. 

MLB The Show 23 Gameplay
MLB The Show Gameplay (Screenshot: PlayStation)

Diamond Dynasty Includes:

  • Battle Royale – Online multiplayer mode with rewards,
  • Conquest – Single-player mode, strategic mini-game, win games, take over territories, plenty of rewards, 
  • Casual – Play against other players online to test your Diamond Dynasty team,
  • Co-Op – Combine Diamond Dynasty with a friend and play others online,
  • Events – Requires specially built teams to take on challenges, with events changing weekly. Two events are expected on launch day,
  • Mini-Seasons – Compete against other players’ made-up rosters, 
  • Moments – Change the course of a specific time in history and play against others online, 
  • Ranked Seasons – Play those who match your rank and climb the totem pole in this game mode, 
  • Showdown – Draft your team, choose your perks, take on a string of challenges for rewards, and beat the boss by batting 1000.  
  • Play vs CPU – Test your roster against an AI opponent before taking on other Diamond Dynasty players. 

Players who pre-order or intend to buy the Captain Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition of MLB The Show 23 have some unique cards installed. To find out what MLB The Show 23 editions you can get your hands on, read: What’s All Included in MLB the Show 23 Deluxe & Captain Edition?


Want to build and draft the best team in Major League Baseball and take them all the way to the World Series? Then Franchise career mode is for you. One of the OG game modes that helped all players write their own history with their favorite clubs.

March to October

March to October is a fun and quick way to enjoy playing with your favorite team in MLB The Show 23. Instead of playing with the whole team, like in Franchise Mode, you’ll only have to play important and key moments of your team’s season to help them get to the World Series.

MLB The Show 23 | Negro Leagues Game Play
MLB The Show Gameplay – Negro League – Storylines (Screenshot: PlayStation)


Storyline is the latest inclusion and is a special mode San Diego Studios has been working on for some time. Here you’ll get to play and learn about the best players, male and female, to have ever played the game hailing from the Negro Leagues.

For an in-depth look at the game mode and what’s been incorporated in Storyline Season 1, you can read: What’s MLB The Show 23 Negro Leagues? 

This new partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum will see a new season introduced every year with every new MLB title.

OG MLB The Show Game Modes

Below are the traditional game modes that helped us fall in love with the game. Despite having plenty of other game modes, the MLB The Show series wouldn’t be the same without them.

List of Other Game Modes on MLB The Show 23

  • Exhibition
  • Custom Practice
  • Challenge of the Week
  • Home Run Derby
  • Online Co-Op

Play with friends in Exhibition, test the might of your thumb in Home Derby, gain some new skills in custom practices, or do the weekly challenges in Challenge of the Week.

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