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Mega Man 3 Boss Order Guide

Sometimes you find a search trend that doesn't give you existential dread

by Lucas White

For some reason, folks are searching for the Mega Man 3 boss order enough to get “breakout” status on Google Trends. I’m confused to say the least, but you won’t see me complaining about the chance to write about a classic Mega Man game without having to fight some number-crunching doorknob about it. Mega Man 3 isn’t my favorite in the series, but it does have a GOAT-tier soundtrack and probably only isn’t the best simply because Mega Man 2 exists. So here’s what you should consider for deciding on your preferred Mega Man 3 boss order.

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Let’s get this out of the way: Mega Man games don’t have specified boss orders. The whole point is you can start wherever and make your way through based on your weapons. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t paths that are arguably more comfortable than others. Mega Man 3 makes a strong argument that it’s okay to make the starting points a little more obvious, although “a little” equates to a crumb at best. But yeah, I’ll explain after an algorithm-pleasing subhead.

Mega Man 3 Boss Order: Who to Start With?

There are two ideal starting points in Mega Man 3. There’s Top Man and Snake Man, who are good starting choices for different reasons. Top Man’s is easy; he’s the only Robot Master in Mega Man 3 who takes extra damage from the regular Mega Buster. The Blue Bomber can hit this dude harder from the jump, so it’s a pretty clear sign if you ask me.

For Snake Man, it’s less about what the boss is or isn’t weak to and more about the general challenge level. Snake Man and his stage are simply a bit easier compared to the rest of Mega Man 3. Going in unarmed is generally considered pretty manageable, although Snake Man’s fight itself can be annoying.

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In sum, you wanna start with either Top Man (easier boss) or Snake Man (easier stage)

After that, it’s a matter of following the weaknesses. So I’ll just go ahead and list those out and you can follow the road you’ve paved for yourself, reader:

Mega Man 3 Boss Weakness List

  • Top Man: Mega Buster or Hard Knuckle
  • Shadow Man: Top Spin
  • Spark Man: Shadow Blade
  • Magnet Man: Spark Shock
  • Hard Man: Magnet Missiles
  • Snake Man: Needle Cannon
  • Gemini Man: Search Snake
  • Needle Man: Gemini Laser

As you can see in the list, there’s a sort of loop formed by the two possible paths.

Lucas White

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