Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Schedule – October 2023

See who got the spotlight this month.

Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Schedule
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This month, we’re getting a five-week “leap” season in Marvel Snap, which is exciting from the player’s standpoint. Given the configuration of the calendar, and four weeks equalling 28 days, these “anomalies” and “overlaps” are bound to happen every once in a while in Marvel Snap, and this allowed Second Dinner to pitch in a “Big Bad” character in one of the Spotlight Caches along with four new releases that are coming this month. Here’s the Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Schedule for October 2023.

What Cards Will Be Available in Spotlight Caches During October 2023 in Marvel Snap?

In this season, 15 cards will be available within the Spotlight Caches, and I am sure every player will find great ways to spend their hard-earned Spotlight Caches in Marvel Snap.
Due to time zone differences in the world, the dates may vary because Marvel Snap rolls out all changes simultaneously. Always double-check the shop in-game to see how much time remains for each Spotlight Cache block so you do not accidentally miss them.

Week 1 – October 3 to October 10 2023 Spotlight Caches

Author’s Comment: Probably the best Cache in this article. Big bad and two very powerful 1-drops.

Week 2 – October 10 to October 17 2023 Spotlight Caches

  • Man-thing
  • Silver Samurai
  • Lady Deathstrike

Author’s Comment: Man-thing is an excellent counter to Zoo decks, and if you ask me, it’s helpful to have it in your collection just to be able to put it in your deck should the deck ever re-emerge as a serious threat to the meta. The rest of the Cache, however, could be better.

Week 3 – October 17 to October 24 2023 Spotlight Caches

Author’s Comment: Discard Deck fans, assemble! I love the theme of that week’s Spotlight Cache, for sure. And Black Knight might just be the card to shake up the meta, so keep a close eye on it and buy the caches on the last day of the “block” if you see it’s stirring up some damage.

Week 4 – October 24 to October 31 2023 Spotlight Caches

Author’s Comment: Nico Minoru will undoubtedly be the RNG thing to try out in October. Kitty Pryde was given out for free during the Kitty Pryde “incident,” so you should have it already. Phoenix Force is underwhelming, so you could skip this Cache if you do not have many of them saved up unless you are hunting for Variants (though why would you?).

Week 5 – October 31 to November 7 Spotlight Caches

  • Werewolf by Night
  • Silk
  • Ghost Spider

That’s all for the schedule. If you are struggling with reaching Infinite in Marvel Snap, check out how to get to Infinite Rank in Marvel Snap: Complete first-hand experience guide from a card game enthusiast.

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