Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Schedule – July 2023

I think everyone will be happy with this for the most part.

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Unluckily for the community, Marvel Snap Patch Notes for July 11 are being delayed to July 12 (make sure to stay tuned to Prima Games for that). But on the upside, we got word from Second Dinner about what content for Spotlight Caches will be featured in July 2023. Everyone’s been very excited about this Spotlight Cache feature and, now that we know what we’re getting during July 2023, we know where we’ll spend our hard-earned Credits! This is one of the most welcomed changes in Marvel Snap recently, so let me guide you through the content you will be spending your Credits on this month.

What Cards Will Be Available in Spotlight Caches in Marvel Snap during July 2023?

The choices for July 2023 are completely neat if you ask me. Senior players will have the opportunity to get cool variants and brand-new cards, while newer players will be able to get their hands on some interesting meta cards that will certainly help them stand a fighting chance.

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Between July 12 and July 17 – You will have the chance to obtain the following cards:

Between July 18 and July 24 – You will have the chance to obtain the following cards:

Between July 25 and July 31 – You will have the chance to obtain the following cards:

  • Legion
  • High Evolutionary
  • Darkhawk

Between August 1 and August 7 – You will have the chance to obtain the following cards:

  • Mirage
  • Thanos
  • Master Mold

Here’s the official image from Second Dinner for your viewing pleasure:

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Image via Second Dinner

Every Spotlight Cache can also get you a random card from Series 4 or Series 5. In addition to that condition, if you already possess one of the cards from the list, you will have a chance to get a Spotlight Variant. Please have a look at some of them below:

I wish you all the same excitement level that I’ve had regarding the contents of these Spotlight Caches, they’ll certainly fill some collection holes and allow you to play some new decks. If you want to read more about Marvel Snap until Patch Notes arrive, I recommend a great series How to Get to Infinite Rank in Marvel Snap: Complete First-hand Experience Guide From a Card Game Enthusiast which will be of great significance to every new player. There’s more cool stuff waiting for you at the game tag below as well. Happy snapping!

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