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Madden NFL 24: How to Switch between Live Events on Ultimate Team

It’s a simple trick that can make life a lot easier for Madden 24 players.

I think we can all agree when I say that sometimes sports video games are some of the most difficult to navigate. Madden NFL 24 is no exception to this, and finding your way around the different game modes, events, or settings can be a bit difficult and overwhelming. In this post, I’ll be helping players easily maneuver around the menu of Ultimate Team, showing you how to swap between Live Events on Madden Ultimate Team.

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How to Switch Between Live Events on Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team

To switch between the different seasons, events, and challenges on Madden 24 Ultimate Team, you must be on the main home screen of the UT game mode in Live Events. On the UT home screen, you’ll either be on Season 1 or Headliners by default. 

Madden 24 Ultimate Team Home Screen (Screenshot via Prima Games)

To select the Live Event tab, press R1 or L1. This will select one of the Play, Live Events, My Team, or Marketplace tabs. When you’ve selected the Live Event tab, you should see the Season 1 event and your Field Pass progress.

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On that screen, hold the L2 trigger and wait for another menu to open. Once open, the menu will display all of the concurrent seasons, events, and closing dates for each event. Scroll down to the selection with the left analog stick and release the L2 trigger on the event you want to play. When you release the L2 trigger, the event will change to the selected one, and all the options, progress, challenges, and more will be displayed for that specific event.

Live Event Dropdown Menu Options in Madden NFL 24 UT (Screenshot via Prima Games)

It will now be much easier to see what needs to be completed next, what rewards you’re playing for, and what packs are up for grabs in the marketplace. If you want to know what challenges and rewards you should be looking out for in UT Headliners, you can read: Madden NFL 24: All Headliner Objectives & Rewards.

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