Madden 24: All NFL Team Ratings Listed

Who is the best-rated NFL team to play with in Madden 24?


There are good teams, there are great teams, there are the best teams in Madden NFL 24, and then there are the Arizona Cardinals. In this post, I’ll be listing all of the NFL teams in Madden 24 and their ratings. To make sure you’re beating all of your opponents in the game, you must be certain you have the best players and team under your control.

All Madden 24 NFL Team Ratings

There are 32 teams in two divisions, split into eight conferences. In the list below, I’ve started with the worst-rated team and worked my way to the best of the best. The list runs as follows:


RankingTeam Team Rating 
32Arizona Cardinals72
31Los Angeles Rams73
30Tennessee Titans74
28Chicago Bears76
28Indianapolis Colts77
27Houston Texans78
26Las Vegas Raiders79
25Green Bay Packers79
24Washington Commanders 80
23Carolina Panthers80
22Denver Broncos80
21Atlanta Falcons81
20Tampa Bay Buccaneers 81
19New England Patriots82
18New York Giants82
17New Orleans Saints82
16Detroit Lions83
15Seattle Seahawks83
14Pittsburgh Steelers83
13Jacksonville Jaguars84
12New York Jets84
11Los Angeles Chargers 85
10Minnesota Vikings85
9San Francisco 49ers86
8Miami Dolphins86
7Dallas Cowboys87
6Cleveland Browns87
5Baltimore Ravens87
4Cincinnati Bengals89
3Buffalo Bills90
2Kansas City Chiefs92
1Philadelphia Eagles94

Despite being the runners-up in Super Bowl LVII, the Philadelphia Eagles pipped the winners, the Kansas City Chiefs, as the strongest team to play with in Madden 24. This comes as a bit of a shock considering the Chiefs have two players who rank in the top 10 overall players with overall ratings of 99. They are Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Tight End Travis Kelce. 

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The Eagles, on the other hand, don’t have a single player in the top 40 overall ranked players in Madden 24. The biggest star is Quarterback Jalen Hurts, who is rated 88 on the game, meaning no Eagle has a rating of 90 or above. As per the listing, winning the Super Bowl isn’t a key factor.

The Top 10 Ranked Players in Madden NFL 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

The Arizona Cardinals will be hoping this season brings more joy, but it’s already gotten off to a bad start with injuries to key players such as Quarterback Kyler Murray and others. Making matters worse, the Cardinals ranked last (team 32) in the preseason power ranking

The season hasn’t even started, yet most have given up on the Arizona Cardinals and believe that if something doesn’t change soon, they’re in for a long season ahead. It’s refreshing to see both the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills fall in fourth and third place, respectively. They come in as strong options for poaching players to add to your Franchise team or put in your MUT lineup or squad.

How are you feeling about this season’s team and player rankings after the launch of Madden 24? For more player ratings, you can read: Every 99 Overall Player in Madden NFL 24

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