Who Will Be the Cover Athlete For Madden NFL 25? – Answered

It’s never too early to predict who will be on the cover of Madden.
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Yes, we’ve only just hit four months of Madden NFL 24, but it’s never too early to think about who will be the cover athlete for the next title in the Madden series. In this guide, I’ll be predicting my top choices for who could be the next cover star.

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Madden NFL 25: Who Will Be the Next Cover Athlete?

For now, I will list my top prospects based on early-season form and other factors, whether the choice is a legend or a rookie of the game. Let’s get into the possible picks for the Madden 25 cover athlete.

Tyreek Hill: The Cheeter

The Cheeter has been outstanding this season. And because of his animal-like speed and early form, he received the honor of joining the elite 99 club in Madden NFL 24. He became the Miami Dolphins’ first player to reach that status.

For this reason alone, I believe the fastest player in the game this season should be on next year’s cover.

Barry Sanders: Throwback to Madden NFL 25

Back in 2013, exactly 10 years ago, Barry Sanders was voted as one of two cover athletes of the then-titled Madden NFL 25. He was voted as the cover star for the PS3 and Xbox 360, while RB Adrian Peterson was chosen for the PS4 and Xbox One covers.

Due to the title being the same as next season’s potential title, Madden NFL 25, players have asked the question of what the next Madden will be titled. But we’ll cover this a little further down in the write-up.

For this reason, I picked Sanders as a possible contender for the cover of Madden 25. EA could opt to go with a throwback and reintroduce the legend and 2004 Hall of Famer, Barry Sanders.

Jalen Hurts: The Eagles Star & Early Season MVP

The Eagles Quarterback has been the star of the show alongside his teammates. He is currently the player I am trying to get in my Madden Ultimate Team, as he’s just received an OVR rating increase to 91 OVR.

The reason I choose the QB is that he’s taken out the rest of the league’s “best” Quarterback. Recently, in back-to-back games, he led his team to victory over Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys, beat his Chiefs rival, Patrick Mahomes, and finally, took down this season’s cover star, Josh Allen of the Bills.

Going as far back as the first few weeks of the regular season, he led his team to victory over an inform Dolphins team. He should be a strong consideration for next year’s cover, especially because he is the early-season frontrunner for MVP.

Considering early-season form, I would give C.J. Stroud or Tua Tagovailoa a strong shout for next season’s cover. They’ve entertained this season so far. However, because this season saw another QB take the cover, EA might consider a player in another position.

Puka Nacua: The Most Improved Since Madden NFL 24 Release

Since the launch of Madden 24, Los Angeles Rams’ Puka Nacua has seen the most rating boosts. Since the season started, he has recorded +13 rating increases. He now has an 80 OVR rating in the game.

If EA were to select a rookie for an outstanding season this season, then making Puka next season’s cover gets my vote.

What Will Madden NFL 25 Be Titled?

There has been no confirmation of what the title will be for Madden 25, but many ideas have been thrown around in the community. But the most likely outcome is changing the title of the upcoming entry to something different, as they’ve already used Madden NFL 25.

Could we see Madden change the title completely? Or could we see Madden NFL 25.2.0?

When Will Madden NFL 25 Be Released?

A release date is yet to be named for Madden 25. However, if you take the previous Madden titles in the series, we can predict a mid-August launch. The last four Madden titles in the series were released between August 16 and 18. Expect the same for the next one.

We don’t know of an exact title or a cover star for next season just yet, but the mystery certainly does make next season one of the most anticipated Madden titles. There’s still plenty of football to be played in the NFL 2023/24 season and Madden 24. So let’s enjoy the rest of the season and post-season.

There you have my top five contenders for the cover athlete for the next Madden in the series. As the season wears on, I’ll continue to update the list, turning it into a top-10 list. If you haven’t seen the latest content for Season 3, read Run It Back and check out the MUT Field Pass for the season.

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