Madden NFL 24: All Ultimate Team Season 3 Programs, Field Pass & Rewards

Run it back, run it back, run it, run it, run it back!

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The Madden NFL 24 Title Update is complete now that Ultimate Team has been fully updated with Madden Ulitmate Team: Season 3: Run It Back. In this guide, I’ll talk about all things Ultimate Team and what to expect when you log in after collecting your welcome pack.

All Season 3: Run It Back Programs, Field Pass & Rewards in Madden 24

There is plenty to look out for when you log back into Madden 24 Ultimate Team after all the maintenance carried out on November 16. That’s especially true if you’re looking forward to the Mike Vick specials available and ready for the return of holiday specials.

There are new MUT programs, Field Passes, and rewards to knock down for Season 3: Run It Back. Let’s dive deep into each new category, starting with all the new programs.


Madden Ultimate Team Harvest Program

The first of the two programs that are live is the MUT Harvest Program. The Harvest Program pays tribute to the players who clean the plate on Thanksgiving with boosts in their abilities. Given if they stand out on Thanksgiving Day. 

Players will be able to obtain 92 OVR Champions, while Hungry Harvest player items will receive additional boosts in the form of an Upgrade Token: a Turducken collectible. Doesn’t that sound filling?

The Harvest Program is split into two sections: Harvest and Kids vs. Dads, but share one Field Pass that reaches Level 18.

The Field Pass rewards consist of the following: 

  • Thanksgiving Day Prediction Tokens,
  • Harvest Player Item Packs,
  • Fantasy Packs,
  • Turducken Upgrade Tokens,
  • MUT Coins
  • MUT XPs.

The Harvest Program ends in 54 days at the time of writing this. You can return to the time tracker above to see how long you have before the event ends.

This MUT program concludes when the season ends. Frankly, 54 days is enough time to grind and collect all of Season 3’s Field Pass levels.

Madden Ultimate Team Blitz: Prem1ere Program

Madden Ultimate Team Blitz: Prem1ere Program only kicks off closer to the end of November on the 23rd. This program will see 92 OVR Champions Player Items receive a welcomed speed boost.

However, these boosts are restricted to the current rookies in the game. Once the Blitz: Prem1ere Program drops on the 23rd, players will be gifted an upgraded player item upon login.

There will also be a special event running in House Rules game mode in Ultimate Team.

Snickers Program

At the start of the new season, the Snickers Program returns. It is the quickest and easiest challenge to run out and complete. Get on it now!

Despite its simplicity, there are some great player items that MUT contenders can obtain. I picked up this 83 OVR T. J. Watt Snickers player item.

Ongoing Madden 24 Ultimate Team Programs

The usual suspects continue to run concurrently with the new Ultimate Team programs coming with Season 3: Run It Back in MUT 24. Included with this are some of Season 2: Unstoppable events, which are still playable. Archived programs still running on Madden Ultimate Team are as follows:

  • AKA Players Program (Weekly updated),
  • Legends Program (Weekly updated),
  • Division Dynasty Program
  • All Madden Program,
  • Unstoppable Program,
  • Hispanic Heritage Month, and
  • Team of the Week,

Include Angry Runs and Berry Boost to the 10 programs running, and what you’re left with is one busy season in MUT.

MUT 24 Season 3: Run It Back Cover Star: Michael Vick

Who says no to an upgradeable Michael Vick? Not a single Madden Ultimate Team player is going to. On arrival, participants will receive an 85 OVR Mike Vick player item, which is fully upgradable to a 93 OVR. Players must complete the Season 2: Run It Back Field Pass.

The final Michael Vick Upgrade Token is reached when you hit Level 50 of the Field Pass. Besides the GOAT being made the star of the show for Season 3, there are some additional items to play for, such as Ted Hendricks, Barry Sanders, and more items.

Below are some of the rewards you can play for: 

  • Michael Vick Upgrade Tokens, 
  • Special Player Items, 
  • Fantasy Packs,
  • Player Packs,
  • Pro Playmaker Packs, 
  • Strategy Packs,
  • MUT Coins
  • XPs. 

This season also brings forth the opportunity to play as Madden cover stars, starting with Mike Vick. Another new program gives MUT contestants the chance to boost players in their respective lineups with Story Playmakers.

Vick was also gifted his own special X-Factor called: ‘04 Vick. This will improve the legendary QB’s scrambling speed when getting out of the pocket. Additionally, plenty more new X-Factor players taking part this season.

Now, all that’s left to do is play and start climbing the Season 3: Run It Back Field Pass ladder, and start finishing those objectives and earning all the rewards. For more on the most recent update, you can read: Madden NFL 24 Title Update 4: Gameplay Fixes Focus on Interceptions & Passes

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