Madden NFL 24 Title Update 4: Gameplay Fixes Focus on Interceptions & Passes

Some more improvements were made to enhance the realism of Madden 24.

madden 24 | title update 4 | gameplay improvements and fixes
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This article will dive into the latest Madden NFL 24 update: Title Update 4. We will discuss the gameplay enhancements and what improvements were made to this department. Let’s huddle up.

Gameplay Fixes Focus on Interceptions in Latest Madden NFL 24 Title Update

In the latest Title Update, released on November 2, 2023, the main focus for EA was the physics surrounding certain defensive plays and catches on pass plays. Discussing the interceptions first.

Interception Catch-Drop Issue Solved

There was an issue that persisted following the snap. Once the Quarterback was tackled, during or immediately after a throw, the defense would drop a sure catch on an interception play. This fix has been reverted back to the previous physics after changing it initially in September’s Title Update 3.

For a limited time, the physics implemented now allows some pass rushers to intercept a pass straight after a hit on the QB. Catch-chance is now set back to previous values, as they will be working on improvements to the catch-chance values during this time.

Additionally, the dev team will tune down on the rating threshold for catching interceptions in the Competitive game style and difficulty. This is to effectively decrease the number of dropped interceptions. This will apply to open catches as well, considering that collisions with the player and the ball can still effectively knock the ball out of possession.

Other Gameplay Changes Made in Madden 24 With Title Update 4

There were fixes made to player assignments on the defense and offense in Madden NFL 24. There were also fixes made to ball carriers, fumbles, and gameplay visuals. Let’s check out all of the rest of the improvements carried out on the gameplay:

Ball Carry Dives Updated

The latest patch has now increased the chances of ball carriers fumbling the ball when diving into traffic. Previously, there was no fumble on running play dives. Expect a lot of loose balls to pick up in mauls.

Pass Accuracy Meter Size Increased

One fix I’m particularly happy with is the size increase made to the Pass Accuracy Meter. This gives you a better view of the meter, allowing for better-placed passes into crowded areas with zone or double coverage.

Defensive Setups and Assignments Fixed

There were some persisting issues with the 3-4 Odd SS Trap 2 setup that were solved. Players’ defenders in these setups should no longer line up on the wrong side of the field against empty sets.

That’s all of the major gameplay improvements coming with Madden NFL 24 Title Update 4. Included with these were bug fixes and performance enhancements carried out with the patch to improve the realism and overall gameplay experience. 

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