How to Enable & Disable Cross-Play On Madden NFL 24? – Answered

You don’t have to partake in Madden 24 cross-play if you don’t want to.

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EA Sports is changing the game with Madden NFL 24, thanks to the introduction of cross-play. Players can now line up at the 50-yard line with contenders across different platforms. However, not all console owners were lucky enough to be involved in the cross-fire and it is exclusive to new-generation consoles and PCs. 

From the moment the news dropped regarding cross-play, questions started making the rounds. Two of the most frequently asked questions are: do you have to cross-play when you buy Madden 24? And if not, how do you opt out of it? 

In this post, I’ll be taking you through the process of how to enable and disable cross-play, how it works, and the pros and cons of the feature being added.

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Enabling & Disabling Cross-Play On Madden NFL 24

To enable or disable Madden NFL 24’s cross-play feature, you must keep in mind that steps will vary between platforms, so it will be important to have this guide handy when Madden 24 releases.

Firstly, cross-play is automatically enabled from the start, meaning you’ll be added to the global leaderboard and cross-platform progression system in whatever game mode supports the feature from the get-go. So there will be no need to enable it on the first day after installing the game. 

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If you want to disable cross-play on a PlayStation 5 or PC, players can remove cross-play in-game in the main settings, as cross-play settings are controlled through the system settings. As for Xbox Series X|S console owners, the cross-play settings must be disabled in the console’s system settings.

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How Do Madden Players Play With Friends on Other Platforms?

For players to be able to play against their friends from foreign platforms, they must open their EA Social interface in-game. After that, players must find the Player Search tab in Madden 24 and search for their buddies using their EA Identification number or their platform identifier, which is a player’s PSN ID or Xbox Series X|S Gametag.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Disabling Cross-Play?

There are pros and cons to everything we do and enjoy, even when we are having fun playing Madden NFL 24. Depending on your flavor, you will determine what stands out in a game for you as a gamer. 

What Are the Advantages of Disabling Cross-Play?

The advantages of disabling cross-play are that your matchmaking time and downtime might be significantly lower than those of players who embrace the cross-play journey. Cross-play is a new feature added to the game, so bugs are expected; the question is, how much should we expect? If EA’s track record with other games is anything to go by, it could be a long season ahead.

What Are the Disadvantages of Disabling Cross-Play?

The big advantages are the cross-play progression and the chance to play with the best of the best across all platforms, which include your friends who reach an impasse when consoles are concerned. Yes, there is a high probability of a lot of downtime or waiting to be matched. Still, the number of new opponents is countless, making for an interesting American football experience. 

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