Will Madden NFL 24 Be Cross-Play Compatible? – Answered

The times are changing for the better when it comes to cross-play in Madden NFL.


Exciting times are ahead for Madden players, come Madden NFL 24 in August and just ahead of the season’s first whistle. For as long as one can remember and possibly since the introduction of online play, there have always been talks about Madden going cross-play. 

Sadly, that day never came—until now, that is. For this one reason alone, players are more excited for the next installment of Madden than they were for previous titles. In this post, I‘ll dive into what we know so far about the rules of engagement for EA’s Madden 24 cross-play, who it will be available to, and how it will work for players. 

Before heading further into the cross-play details, for those who don’t know: Cross-play is the feature where players from different platforms are able to play each other. For example, a player with an Xbox Series X/S will be able to scrimmage against opponents with a PlayStation 5.

Let’s get back to why we’re here…

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Is Madden NFL 24 Cross-Play & Available on All Platforms?

Yes, Madden 24 is cross-play and will be available from day one after the official drop. However, the cross-play feature will only be available for certain game modes and on certain platforms. The platforms that are cross-play compatible are as follows: 

  • PlayStation 5, 
  • Xbox Series, and 
  • PC.

This is understandable, considering the upgraded technology of the newer-gen consoles and PCs and the advantages it gives these players. Also, the developers have carried this method out with FIFA 23’s cross-play features, so it comes as no surprise. However, EA has not established if the older generation consoles will be cross-play compatible with each other and if it will be allowed. 

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It would be a good idea, but it will be unlike EA to put time and effort into old-gen platforms when they’ve already made it clear all their focus and attention will be on improving the gameplay experience for current-gen consoles. 

What Game Modes Will Be Cross-Play Compatible

There will be four game modes that will be cross-play ready on launch. They are as follows:

  • Head-to-Head, 
  • Madden Ultimate Team (MUT),
  • Superstar KO, and 
  • Superstar Showdown.

How Does Madden 24 Cross-Play Work?

Madden NFL 24 players who want to join the cross-play will be added to a cross-play matchmaking pool. After that, cross-play invites will be available in the abovementioned multiplayer modes. Players will be able to join and leave whenever they choose to. Additionally, you’ll be able to join your friend or friends on the same team as well as play against them in these game modes.

This should make Madden NFL 24 one of the more interesting titles in the series. The goal is obviously for players to experience as little downtime as possible. If EA’s FIFA 23 is anything to go by, we could be in for a rocky ride to the end of the campaign. Find out if Madden 24 will be coming out on your machine and read: What Platforms Will Madden NFL 24 Be Released On?

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