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Madden NFL 24: All Headliner Objectives & Rewards

Get your Headliners for the opening season of Madden 24!

Madden NFL 24 is out, and already all the talking is getting done on the field at the line of scrimmage. If you haven’t started your Madden 24 Ultimate Team (MUT) journey, then you should get on it ASAP. There are loads of rewards and players to acquire early on, and some of the best players are up for grabs for a limited time only. Here are all Headliner Objectives and Rewards in Madden NFL 24.

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All Headliner Rewards in Madden NFL 24

There are common, uncommon, epic, and legendary rewards to earn in the Headliner events on Madden 24. Here, I’ll be listing all the Headliner rewards, the levels needed to acquire them, and each reward’s rarity.


RarityRewardNumber of Rewards
Common20,000 CoinsNA
Common170,000 XPSNA
Uncommon 74+ Headliners Hero Fantasy Pack1 Pack
Uncommon79 OVR BND Front Page Player + a Token Pack 1 Pack 
Epic 84 OVR BND Headliners Hero Fantasy Pack1 Pack
EpicFront Page Token3 of
Legendary84 OVR Headliners Hero Fantasy Pack1 Pack
Madden Ultimate Team Headliners Fantasy Packs (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Each New Level Reward

Level Reward Rarity
Level 279 OVR BND Front Page Players & Token Fantasy PackUncommon
Level 330,000 Season XPSNA
Level 484 OVR BND Headliner Hero Fantasy PackEpic
Level 55,000NA
Level 6Front Page TokenEpic
Level 730,000 Season XPSNA
Level 874+ Headliners Player PackUncommon
Level 95,000 UT CoinsNA
Level 10Front Page TokenEpic
Level 1130,000 Season XPSNA
Level 125,000 UT Coins NA
Level 1330,000 Season XPSNA
Level 14Front Page Tokens Epic
Level 1574+ Headliners Player PackUncommon
Level 1625,000 Season XPSNA
Level 175,000 UT CoinsNA
Level 1825,000 Season XPS NA
Level 1984 OVR Headliner Hero Fantasy PackLegendary

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These rewards are available for a limited time. Players must try to complete as many challenges as they can before September.

Headliners’ Objectives

To obtain all of the Headliner rewards, you must complete the following challenges and level up to level 19. The Headliners’ Objectives are as follows:

  • Earn 120+ stars in Headliners Challenges, 
  • Pass for 4000+ yards with a Headliner player in your starting lineup, 
  • Complete 10+ Headliner sets, 
  • Pass for 1500+ yards in House Rules, and
  • Win 30+ H2H or Solo battle games with a Headliner in your lineup.
Madden NFL 24 Headliners Objectives (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Are Headliners’ Players Worth the Time in Madden Ultimate Team 24?

Yes, Headliners are worth the time and effort, especially now that it’s preseason. Once the season kicks off, you can have a combination of 80+ headliners and legends from the Legend weekly challenges. Play your challenges right, and you could have a star-studded team going into the opening season of Madden Ultimate Team.

The Headliners’ challenges are quick and easy to get all three stars. Because the Headliners and the Weekly Legend Challenges are for a limited time only, they should be the first challenges and objectives you complete before going on with Season 1.

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