Madden NFL 24: Who’s Running the Play in Ultimate Team Season 2?

Are you going to become unstoppable in MUT Season 2?

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Flip the play as we say goodbye to Season 1 in Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team and usher in Season 2: Unstoppable, where we start back at level 1. With the new campaign underway, plenty of changes were made with the almost 3 GB update. But we are only here to discuss what’s new in Season 2 and what drops you can look out for throughout the campaign. Let’s huddle up and discuss.

All Season 2: Unstoppable Programs In Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team

There are four new programs set out for the month of October in MUT 24 Season 2: Unstoppable. They are:

  • Unstoppable, 
  • Hispanic Heritage,
  • Most Feared, and
  • Kyle Brandt’s Angry Runs (Play of the Week).

On login, you should receive your monthly packs for all of your subscriptions, such as your EA monthly pack, the Prime monthly pack, as well as events welcome packs.

Included with your Hispanic Heritage and Unstoppable welcome pack will be player items and a couple of MUT hints. As always, all of the new programs will have individual Field Passes. Let’s get into each program.

MUT Unstoppable Program

The Unstoppable program offers players a chance to obtain player items with unique attributes, skills, abilities, and MUT coins. In the welcome pack, MUT players will receive an 82 OVR Derrick Henry (WR) player item

The Unstoppable Field Pass runs until Level 10 (Level 2 – Level 10) and consists of three packs and MUT XPs. To make sure you move up the Unstoppable Field Pass effortlessly, make sure to keep your Unstoppable player item in your lineup for every challenge, solo battle, and H2H matchup. This Field Pass closes at the end of Season 2.

Unstoppable Program Field Pass

Level RewardRarity
Level 2MUT XPsNA
Level 3MUT XPsNA
Level 480+ Unstoppable Player PackCommon
Level 5MUT XPsNA
Level 6MUT XPsNA
Level 784 OVR Unstoppable Elite Fantasy PackRare
Level 8MUT XPsNA
Level 9MUT XPsNA
Level 10Unstoppable 84 OVR Elite/87 OVR BDN HeroEpic

The Hispanic Heritage Program (HHM)

The Hispanic Heritage Program honors the Hispanic players in the gridiron game and is the first of many heritage programs coming this season. On login, players should have received their Hispanic Heritage Program welcome pack, which consists of an 82 Christian Gonzalez (CB) player item and a MUT hint.

The Field Pass only consists of six levels with 30 challenges, and only has one player item and five upgrade tokens to collect, ending at the end of the season as well. Keep Christian Gonzalez in your lineup and you should be moving down the Field Pass in no time.

Hispanic Heritage Program Field Pass

Level RewardRarity
Level 2HHM Upgrade TokenRare
Level 3HHM Upgrade TokenRare
Level 4HHM Upgrade TokenRare
Level 5HHM Upgrade TokenRare
Level 6HHM Upgrade TokenRare

Most Feared Program in Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team

The Most Feared program returns this month but only kicks off later in Season 2, just in time to get players in the spooky spirit of Halloween. The program commences on October 12. MUT players will receive a mystery Spirit Player, which will be upgradable throughout and will only be revealed at a later stage. Included in the spooky event will be strategy items.

Kyle Brandt’s Angry Runs

Angry Runs is your weekly drop program for the month of October and Season 2. Kyle Brandt, host of Good Morning Football, will team up with Madden to search for the weekly player who deserves the Angry Run ability.

Adding the Angry Run X-Factor ability to a player item in your team’s lineup will earn you boosted ratings and special chemistry. This ability is only one of many new abilities that have been added to the X-Factor abilities in Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team.

All X-Factor abilities mentioned and obtainable are:

  • Angry Run, 
  • Deep Elite, 
  • 3rd Down Threat, 
  • Linchpin, and
  • Interior Threat.

Keep in mind that these new X-Factor Abilities are not available for PS4 and Xbox One Madden players.

Completing Season 2: Unstoppable Field Pass 100%

To complete the Season 2 Field Pass in Madden Ultimate Team, you’ll need to complete 55 levels. On arrival, players will receive an 83 OVR Randy Moss (WR) and a MUT hint in their Season 2 welcome packs. 

The rewards for the field pass consist of the following:

  • 20 x player items/player packs/fantasy packs, 
  • 220,000 MUT Coins, 
  • 4 x Random Strategy Items, 
  • 6 x Upgrade Tokens, and 
  • A Season 3 collectible for next season.
Above is the time left before Madden Ultimate Team Season 2: Unstoppable ends

That’s all new at the moment for Madden Ultimate Team Season 2: Unstoppable. Running concurrently with these programs are the usual AKA, Ultimate Preseason, TOTW, Team Captains, and Legends programs. All programs, barring the Captains program, will continue to get weekly drops.

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